Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Things That Made Me Smile....

A few fun things from the last 24 hours... 

So the last two mornings a flock of geese have been on our pond.  
Soon as they see me walk out the door they spook and fly towards 
one of the neighbor's ponds.  
I decided to walk around it this morning to see if anybody dropped a pretty feather... --
not a one.  Hardly any tiny down in the water either so they must have just 
gotten there.  Oh well.  
This beautiful light and reflection was well worth the walk.  
I finished out by checking game cameras and discovered I'm  only two miles
from my monthly walking goal already.  This month I hope to get an extra ten miles or more  in.

Last night I had a hot date with my love and took his  new Chevelle.  
Don't know who smiled more; him or me? 

We went to Arbys and it was just so fun and almost 
felt like we were teenagers again. 
(I know that's a bigggg stretch) lol 
  Only thing that was missing was some Chicago 16 or 
Reo Speedwagon or Styx playing.   :) 

- and just awhile ago ...this  happened. 
I got ducked! 
It did put a big smile on my face and made my day! 
Wish I knew who put it there... but I guess that's part of the fun.  
It's a jeep thing! 

I need to sign off for now... 
Until we meet again.


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