Thursday, January 20, 2022

Four Little Things

Flora gathered for my wanderlust art class.  
Botanical bits to snip and tie onto sticks
 for mark making gesso'd book pages. 
They're actually still sitting in a beautiful pile on my table ... waiting
for me to come play.  

It was cold this morning but my hands were not.
I'd just been to the coop and moved hens sitting on warm eggs.
True country girl hand warmers.  

Photo of a devotional sent from a friend who does the same booklets I do.
I think we're onto something here.  
(Hope you don't mind I borrowed your photo Dawn)

This pair of lovebirds. 
I'm positive they're happily married.  
And they honked at me while I chipped ice from  
frozen, black rubber bunny bowls.

Try sayin that five times real fast.  
frozen black rubber bunny bowls
frozen black rubber bunny bowls
frozen black  rubber bunny bowls 
frozen black rubber bunny bowls.  
frozen black rubber bunny bowls 
Hey you're good! 

Until we meet again,


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