Thursday, October 15, 2020

A Few Flea Finds From Missouri


Hey friends,
Thought I'd share a few beauties I found someplace in Joplin.  
Three more cobalt bluies for the windowsills in the greenhouse; and 
only a buck a piece! 

And this glorious amber--is my favorite.

Those ribs. Those marks. Marred, scarred yet 

fabulous. I can already envision it  with pretty fleurs can't you?

It's true: One persons trash is another's treasure.  I wonder how many people walked past this bottle and thought "Who would ever want that?"    It's old. Decrepit. Dirty. -- Someone who sees it's beauty and usefulness that's who.   

Then I happened on 
ephemera bank papers from 1919 
to use for collage papers. Don't you love the name Eulah A. Sullivan?

This arithmetic book from 1872- 
I think it's the only old school book I have full of numbers 
to use for art.  

Inside is this beautiful fountain pen lettering. 

This old composition book with such a pretty autumnal colored cover.

It's chock full of music lessons.  

A wonderful cash book from I think 1927

Full of penciled general store items and prices.
I adore graphite... this is a true treasure.

They're so fun to read through... but 
most of all I can't wait to actually start using  them.  
Ones like this I can feel precious about and want to just hoard. 
Guess I could always scan some pages and print those to  use.  But it's just not the same tho.  

Then this ledger which  is completely empty.  
It's landscaped size so it will definitely become an art journal- 
a place to just play and see what happens.

And here we are back to this bottle.  
Thought I'd sign off with a scripture picture using this 
sweet find. 

Until we meet again!

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

A Few Random Gratitudes

a few blessings from this past week....

roses in October.... 
even the big cabbage roses..

getting to run around with Myguy sometimes for work 
its a good perk
and ... a run with him up into Missouri... 
kinda felt like a vacay.

good kids...and 
and his heart to heart encouragement

Good neighbor who messaged to warn us a huskydog was 
carrying off one of our chickens across the pasture.
-he looks out for us

seeing one long string of running deer 
it was as if they were told to stay in single file

billowing milkweed cotton 
it really stands out beautiful
in the pasture

2 more acres 
and exploring it together 

laughter with debbie

seein my good buddy karen...

connected dots across the pond
and feeding 
the donks together

sharing a nutty bar with someone I love. cheers*

discernment and red flag that waved 
this soul wary

aha moment during a Formed daily reflection over 
Luke 11:13
something I had totally missed before

celebrating one of my  friends 62 birthday
her laughter
such a wonderful neighbor and friend

blooming mums ... gifts from long ago 

the word TURN 
turn turn turn turn 
and return 

white cotton chrysanthemums ready to pop
gardenerwoman's returning gift 
oh how i miss her wisdom and guidance

Taco Johns date night.
crunchy tacos, potato olays and diet mt dew
best we ever had 

canopy of trees drivin the backroads

my happy place
in his arm
(doublechin and all)

out exploring.... and 
lookin for deer rubs 

a new gun with a scope that he surprised me with... pink camo 

all the blooms on hickeytown slough
yeah it's really called that. ha 

a free bible study webinar 

love notes that 
always make my day

(screenshots of them are one of my most favorite things to tape
into my journal)  

falling leaves... watching them swirl and twirl 
to the ground.
a couple more weeks we should be at our peak 
and i can hardly wait

opened windows and a light breeze flowing
the scent of autumn

the  go ahead on an estimate to 
get this olde house re-roofed
prayers answered

run in with my ole buddy max

blueberry yogurt and 
... the scent of apple cider 

watching a wren checking  out the entrance to a pipe on our gate
i lovelovelove wrens 

Blakes carrot seed piles sprouted

new autumn asparagus 
and garlic growing

the ozarks in autumn 
so beautiful

when i lost mine 

new jammies 

the lit up cross on the interstate

a falling star and 
we both saw it

lots of work coming in... 

thank you God for all these things and so much more
thank you for my every thing