Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Hello September

Saying goodbye to August is something I look forward to every year.  
If you live in the South you probably understand.  
September is welcomed and with that I long for crisper days.  

My garden is on it's own.  
This time of year it's neglected.  Weeds get to have their way...
My flower beds look sad.  
The salvia was long and spilling out of it's borders ... 
it looked unhealthy like it needed a fresh cut to trim away split ends. 
I got the nerve to do it yesterday since a fellow gardengirl told me she 
thought it could take it.  The pile of hair lays waiting for a rake to pick 
it all up and toss in the compost pile.  The hot afternoon
kept me from finishing the job.  

Purple coneflowers are spent and dried so black prickly beautiful.  
A friend wants some seed so soon an envelope of it will head to 
Somewhere, Pennsylvania.  
I love sharing seed.  
To plant  a tiny dried seed and watch it grow into a 
lovely bloom is so satisfying and sharing 
it's splendor is good for this soul.  

The tomato vines are loaded still with juliets  and even the chickens
seem to be tired of the over ripe abundance.  
I sliced up a few and made a creamy salad with the last cucumber.
The skins were hard and most were scraped back into the garbage bowl after dinner. 
The end of it all is done except for saving more seed and 

Volunteer morning glories are climbing every hoe, shovel, and shrub it can find.  
Morning chores are prettier because of them.  

Dragonflies are everywhere.  
This one found me in the garden and rested awhile right here and also
on my Mommas peony bed.  
I don't think so. 

Thumbing through the last of August pages... I felt heavy hearted.  
I try to document what is happening in the world and I can't help but feel 
the heart ache. It has often kept me awake at night.   I think of those left behind the most and I don't understand.
I write it all.  The highs and the lows and the life in between.  

There are goals  I've not accomplished.  Things left unfinished and I'm not where I want to be.  
Wisdom from my friend:  Lea we all have some thing. 
 She knows my struggles.
Well; some of them. 

My wod  friend chose the word  endurance today.  
As I turned the page in my calendar and 
started anew... this verse came to mind.  

I leave it here with you. 

Until we meet again


Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Life Is Better Sharing

Hey friends, 

Our word for the day was "share" and it's got me to thinking... 
...Thinking about all the things I've learned somewhere 
from someone along the span of my  life. 
Just a little while ago my phone lit up and our oldest son asked 
"Hey momma, can you tell me how you make your sloppy joes and meatloaf?" 
He's asked me both those things before ... and I told him and I think he's made them 
but he forgot.  
When my Momma was alive, when I wanted to make her potato salad 
or macaroni salad I'd call  and ask the same thing.  Hey momma... how you make that again? 
Thankfully I wrote her recipe on the back page of a cookbook so I do have it.
But every time I make it I remember all this and still sometimes get teary.  
Life is better with her potato salad and macaroni salad and 
apparently to Trent life is better with his momma's sloppy joe and meatloaf.  
I learned how to make all of that from my momma.  
Those were gifts to me.  
Likewise so many people have bestowed their gifts to me because they too shared.  
Recipes- sure.  But also so many other things.  
Like Miss Mary taught me all about raising chickens and goats, 
milking, and raising and even butchering rabbits.  She shared what she knew. 
People shared so many plant slips with me and taught me how to grow my own food 
and flowers.  Pam told me I needed God in my life and Cora watered so many seeds that 
my Grammy, Father Geditz, and catechism teacher planted. They all shared things. 

Perusing the internet there have been people who dared to share hobbies and books, and 
art styles, and so many things that have enriched my life so much.  
Things I love to do and would miss terribly if I couldn't do them again.  
It's crazy really.  

Have you ever read someone talk about a new food they tried and in reading it you 
thought you'd like to try that too?  Then you do and it might become your new favorite thing?  
It's amazing; especially when you really put thought to it and can see the bigness of all it!  
There are movies I want to see... books I'd love to read... painting styles I want to try...
recipes I want to give a go, places that look fun... - all things I learned about 
because someone shared them.  

The same thing works in reverse as well.  
Someone might share something they're doing and you might not want any part of it.  
It could sour you, and you in no way want it.  You might hate it. 
That's all a  learning curve too.  

To share; ... it might be scary to put yourself out there. 
You might think... you're  not good enough. 
Or  think you  have nothing to offer.   
Or you compare yourself thinking there are other people way better at that thing you do 
so  they should be the one to do it .  
Share anyway!
Someone out there will relate to you.  
Someone wants to know how you do that thing you're doing.  
Someone will be intrigued ... 
interested... curious....
Someone will enjoy listening.  
Especially when you're real.  
Maybe that's more the thing... ?
Because we're all imperfect and I for one enjoy reading others and 
gleaning from them when sometimes they're a mess too.  

There's someone I used to watch on youtube.  
Because she dared to share;  I learned alot about art journaling, 
 sketching and documenting life. 
I already knew I liked to journal but seeing  how she went about it blazed 
beautiful and wild new  trails for me.  
I look her up every now and then but she mostly shares now only on patreon.
I'm grateful though for all the things I've learned through her.  
So I encourage someone reading this to share.  
You are unique and God made you just the way you are on purpose.  
The even quirky things you do... someone else will love and enjoy.
You just might inspire someone.   
Could be;  that it is meant to be for you to share.  

Now, I'll share something of my last 24 hours.. 
Awhile back I got an antique chandelier at Belle Star antiques.  
It had been wired direct and had an old cloth cord that looked kinda scary.  
I've always wanted a sparkly chandelier in my little art porch but 
they were always too expensive.  This one was priced right; made in Spain and 
Myguy said he'd rewire it for me.  That was probably well over a year ago.  
So all this time it's hung on a hook like a dead crappie out of water over my art table. 
Okay that sounds funny but hey... let's keep it in there anyways.  
It's my story and I can use a bad analogy if I want to.  
... So  last night ... Myguy took it down and headed to his shop.  
I cringed a little because he just headed through the house with all those prisms 
jinglin like it was some kind of tamborine.  
I waited a good while  then went out to check on him and see how it was going. 
I imagined his greasy workbenches... and wondered if he'd even use paper towels or ??? 
I know ... "gasp!"  
Heaven forbid.  
Nope; this is what I found.  Looked like he was doin a major overhaul.
The chandy was up on the car lift even. lol  
The man was shakin his head tho and I think plumb regretting his 
offer. haha   His biggest problem was seeing what he was doing. 
If you're over 50... you probly get that.  
Bless his heart he got er done!
It lights up my little space so much; I can't get over it.  
Someone out there I'll just bet relates somehow?
You either have a man who's usually like a bull in a china cabinet like me... 
or you too buy broken things to fix... maybe you like old chandeliers.... 
or ... could be you're just blind as a bat like us... ??
Time to sign off and fix that sweet guy his favorite 
yellowstone eggs.  I'm got some serious 
butterin up to do for all his aggravation.  ;) 

Until we meet again,