Thursday, July 8, 2021

From A Cabin Porch...

Hey yall, 
Thought I'd share a new scripture picture with you 
made with something from our weekend out exploring.  
A friend of ours knows lots of mountain trails and showed us 
an old cabin that the owner leaves open for people to visit.  

The flag on the porch was so awesome to see especially since it 
was the day after the fourth of July.  
Inside; the table was set, and the cabin was stocked with all the things
used  back in the day.  
There was even a cornhusk bed upstairs.  

Walking the grounds was so fun.  Blakelea loved the old 
chicken coop and the barn had so many stalls in it.  
Rock fences were all around and part of me thinks I could be 
very happy living like that.  
The other part loves indoor plumbing and wifi.  

Did you see the feather that was behind the bottles on the porch?  
I did.  
And it became today's scrip picture.  

If you like it... feel free to use and share it.  

Until we meet again,


Tuesday, July 6, 2021

July 4th Weekend and Gratitudes

I'm thankful I get to live in the United states of America.  
Land that I love.  
Thankful I get to stand  for this flag 
with my hand over my heart.  

Thankful for our health and for my family and  good friends. 

Thankful for this old farm and work and a place to call home.  

So thankful for our lil punkin who came to spend the night with 
Papa and ole Grammy. 

For time off from work and an evening spent with coworkers that 
we get to call friends.  

For a safe celebration at our kids house ...full of  the best smoked ribs I ever had... 
lots of fireworks ... watermelon, good food... and 
smores made with perfectly burnt marshmallows.

For an out of the norm Monday.... 
adventure and exploring up in the mountains.  
Driving new roads and playing together.  

Creek swimming and beautiful cool water.  
New memories made.  

For treasures found ... in the shapes of hearts.  
This is the one I found... and Michelle got another... 

For the love we feel from our kids...
and getting to love them too.  

For safe roads and travel and paths that lead 
us all back to home.  

For hatching mockingbirds in our rosebushes... 

and getting to witness the miracle of it all.  

For another nest of mockingbird eggs 
and discovering it's lined with donkey hair.  

A new roadrunner nest too in a cedar tree....
I can hardly wait to check on them, again on my next walk. 
The miracle of new life is amazing.   

So many beautiful moments of people and things that 
I don't want to take for granted.  

Thank you God for all these things and so much more,
thank you for my every thing.