Friday, December 30, 2022

Keeping Christmas and

Hi friends, 
Happy Christmastide.  
Thought I'd stop by the shed today and say hello.  
Speaking of the shed; it's pretty bare now.  
The last cold snap did quite a number on all my plants.  
We had the heater roaring but the below zero winds took it's toll. 
I should have carted them all to our heated and insulated office. 
So far succulents and geraniums are all that are still with us.   
I cut back the geraniums and gave them fresh soil. New green leaves 
show a glimmer of hope.  

Not only was the bitter cold a hardship to my greenhouse but also
our chickens.  Blakelea's rooster almost died.  I hope he continues to pick up. 
I put him in a crate with hay and left him alone in the greenhouse.  It's warm in there 
now and at least he's eating and drinking again.  Some of the others got frostbite.  

In years past I have often taken our tree down the day after Christmas.  
But this year we are savoring it and enjoying these quieter days.  
Myguy also has had time off so that has been wonderful.  
We have played quite alot.  
The other day we drove to Little Rock and went to some antique stores. 
Vendors were marking their Christmas things down and one had 
this little vintage tinsel tree.  It was love at first sight.  
It's staying on my little art table until the 6th and hopefully it will 
live in a little art studio one of these days. 

So our decorations are staying awhile longer.  
The dusting of snow on the porch melted right away but at least 
I can marvel and remember as I look into this photo. 
 We saw snowflakes!

I made the little Jesus' birthday cakes in jars again.  
Gave some out at church on Christmas eve and 

saved one for myself for Christmas morning devotions.  
Our kids all came for Christmas dinner so I was up early putting the ham
and turkey in the oven- but once that was all done... it was a very sweet 
and memorable time with the Lord.  

Our Michelle and Blakelea made the larger birthday cake for us all to 
share after gifts were opened.   
Chocolate cake with crushed candy canes on top.  
It was so festive and beautiful and delicious and hearing our family's voices 
all singing "Happy birthday" to the King of Kings -- well... it's a tradition I think 
that we all hold dear.  

And this is what our days look like now.  
The hustle and bustle is done. 
Now we just rest and enjoy the lights and peace
of Christmas.  

I cannot believe the year is almost over.  
Do you look back alot to look forward?  
Do you make resolutions? 
I hear more and more people trash the whole concept. 
But I do have goals and things I would love to see happen.  

My faith journal is almost over and a new one for 2023 is waiting in the wings. 
It's another moleskine large soft planner to write a scripture a day. (Amazon)
It's become one of my favorite things and daily practices. 
I will share more about it in the days to come in case 
anyone is interested or looking for new things they 
want to start.   

While we are saying goodbye to 2022,   

I'm excited and look forward to a brand new year.  
It's time to make goals, dream  and journal 
our hearts.  

For me it starts with a written prayer because I want to do and be 
everything God has for me.  
I'll try to share more about it in the days to come.
I'll be saying So long, to my word Beloved
and carrying it close to heart into 2023.  
Be love.
Be loved.
The  next word  is "enough." 
I told a friend just today that I can already feel the prick of it. 
Well my honey just texted and is on his way home. 
Time to get some fried potatoes  on the stove!

Until we meet again,


Wednesday, December 14, 2022

Wild Gratitudes... From Waffles to Colorado

This Joy of advent brings me back to this olde shed.  
Gratitude unlocks the door and 
once again 
I'm home.
I'm thankful to be here and this olde 
heart is full of gratitude.  

A warm green house in December...
and "ever green"- just like I read in my studies today.  

I'm thankful for our health... 
that these winter colds are waning finally.

For this small family with real "I got you"  love. 

For Myguy's prayers and strength.
My best friend.

For neighbors. 
And the one with Alzheimer's  who stopped me in the road to 
give me these  flowers.  She knows me.... but doesn't know me.  
Most of her life is that way now. And yet, when she asked me what 
my shirt said, I held it out and read:   Glory to the newborn King- 
How her face lit up 
and she exclaimed "He's why Im still here!"  
For that beautiful smile of hers that musta shot all the way to heaven...
ricocheting Godlove all over the place-
even splattering me through the passenger window of my Jeep. 
How she reached for my hand then and told me if I ever get rid of 
that shirt I know who would wear it.   ;) 
This heart almost burst sweet JoyYyyyYyy

For life lessons like this I get to savor and learn from...
So many angles of love and connections that often are 
a complete surprise.      

For all the yellow roses He puts in my path... 
thanks God.       

For sourdough waffles ; wheat berries ground and turned to 
so ever green

silly or amazing dots that get my attention 

and fill and spill into all
my  nooks and crannies. 

How some things make sense and others don't make sense 
until they later do make sense... 
For all of it... I breathe a huge thank you Lord.  

For Christmas time... 
and all the sparkle and lights...

Crossing bridges and listening to music.
For a carol I didn't know  that now has  become one of my favorites..
Come Thou Long Expected Jesus.....
born to set thy people free...

For home and wildflowers-
A Daisy 
and a Rose. 

For walking 42 miles with Daisy in November for St. Judes... 
She finally doesn't drag me anymore.
And this one cranky hip  don't seem so rusty.

For puppy breath kisses and companionship. 

Recording December dailys .... 
and fresh ink in my favorite Conklin.

art adventing with my friend Dawn... 
and prompts that help  reflect on so much goodness 
in 2022.
Printing piles of photos to remember and journal. 

Trains... and getting to actually 

ride one for real.  
One of my dreams come true;  riding the Durango train to Silverton.  

My midori traveler's notebook holding  real train tickets inside and traveled 
a train from the 1800's.   

Standing on the platform with my fella and listening to the clanking 
of the rails.  

Seeing a bear on the mountainside along with wild turkeys and a lone duck. 

The beautiful mountains  and sounds of the train whistle... 
I can't believe I got to experience all this.  
I'm so grateful.  

Thankful we had seats for two 
instead of table for four... it was more quiet 
and intimate... 

Sweet memories made... together.

Moments I get to cherish and keep.  

For snow!

Getting to walk the Barbara Whipple trail with Myguy and look
for pretty rocks in the Arkansas river- while

For beautiful trees we fell in love with ... 
so very ever green

For looking for the start of the Arkansas River with my fella

and his warm hand to hold.  

Sharing a  delicious Pepperoni pizza at Crave. 
It had us at sourdough crust.  

For pretty aspens... and 

rock hounding  the Fairburn agate beds in SD.  

It was so much fun... 

For so many treasures I brought back home.  

Even acorns and pinecones and a piece of driftwood 
from BV. 

For safe travels all the way back home... and 
home again home again jiggity jig.  

for tiny horses and 
our little tatertot.

our deer friends and even this old  boomtruck 
also known as Bigbird.   

For sweet treats on the counter... and this 

growing love affair with sourdough.  

For unconditional love such as 
Kissin and making up with this girl 
after she helped herself to  two loaves of sourdough banana bread cooling on the counter.  

Thank you God for all these things and so much more 
thank you for my every thing. 

Until we meet again,