Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Random Joy Bombs n Gratitudes

Stopping to document a few moments and give thanks.  

I'm thankful for Beautiful ordinary days--  
Days making this  farmhouse a home... 

Finding the sweet amid muck and mud and rain and storm. 

Pulling weeds easily in saturated earth... 
Sweating in the greenhouse... 
.... gulping lots of cold ice water
.... my garden straw hat with it's little tie under my chin
Flora Jane and Spirit's new friendship
Discovering a dragonfly in a spiderweb and freeing her...
watching her fly away..... 
So many roses.... both wild and planted with these two thin skinned hands.

For laundry day which is really every day....
and a new porch table to use for folding.... 
Meeting strangers ... becoming new friends.
Bouquets to savor....
Peonies for my Mama's grave

the biggest fluffy pink bloomers that have ever grown here.  

and roses galore....

Our grand daughter who says: 
Guess what?
AND now having a photo to just 
back that right up.  

Storms that rolled in and back out  
Beautiful crazy clouds....

marveling and feeling a smidge of 
the bigness and awesomeness of God

how she favors him... 
and manages to get her big body on the couch beside him

for Rosie's smile and how she likes to 
ride with me.
(that smile tho)

my cheerios with hearts

how game he is to go get lost with me
even after almost forty years

Drivin with the top off... 
crankin up the tunes....
stopping to take photos of flowers and 
mountain tops...

ending Mother's day Jeeping creek beds... and finding hearts.


lilies from my Trento
bible study on the porch

when he said they were the best he ever had...
and that look on his face I want to remember always

for the gift  of having a Papa Don who once loved us all like his own
sweet memories we cherish and hold onto til we see them again

reading the boys memories of all the Tony's pizzas they kept in the freezer for them...
all the games of dominoes... 

how he used to call his eggs cackleberries and laugh like a schoolboy
when exasperated he cursed a : horsefeathers! 
how he teared up when he talked about the Holy Spirit and 
read the Word every single day.  
how he took care of Mama when she was sick with cancer
and his sweet voice singing hymns in church... 
his big heart... for all people 

for this wild rosebush and the mockingbird nest inside
... joy and love found here on this little farm
and good health...

I sign off with a scripture picture of what I found inside that rose bush. 
As always feel free to use and share the scripture pictures you find here.

All the earth worships You and sings praises to You; 
They sing praises to Your name.
Psalm 64:4

Thanks for visiting the shed.
Until we meet again,



Friday, April 29, 2022

Outside My Window....

wind is whipping the sheets on the clothesline

the sound of hummers whirrr past my screen door to the feeders

more wisteria vine is loaded into the bed of my truck 

the raised beds are watered and more hope is growing

seed packets litter the ground where I sorted and planned
what goes in next

sparrows chatter from the red rosebush

Flora Jane grazes behind the barb wire fence

Quill sleeps in the metal clamshell chair 

Shania Twain is singing on the radio

a monarch is looking for a sip

Larkspur 2 the new King of chickens is leading his 
ladies into the raspberry canes

Sweet little moments I take too for granted. 

I sign off with a scripture picture
feel free to use or share it... 

Until we meet again...