Thursday, June 17, 2021

Keep On Singing

I'm listening to this today and 
because I love it so much it's going in my playlist.  

The garden is brimming with so much life.  
As I walk the isles I can actually smell  
petunias... and that delights me because ever since covid my whiffer has 
been somewhat amiss.  Not this morning! Buckwheat, butterfly weed, snapdragons,sunflowers,cucumbers, squash, cukes, angelonica, coral bells, bachelor buttons, black eyed susies, salvia, coneflowers, roses, and lilies calas, geraniums, sweet william, dianthus, oxalis, and hollyhocks are abloom.  

While weeding abit, -I noticed this  painted lady found  sipping shastas
simply irresistible.
They became today's scripture picture.

Until we meet again,  

1 comment:

Jean said...

Good day Lea and what a beautiful bouquet to enjoy...I can only imagine the wonderful scents in the garden.

Thank you for sharing the painted lady photo and Scripture.

Blessings dear friend.