Monday, February 22, 2021

A Few Random Blessings This Week

Small things 
beautiful, rosy blue and 

seeing the same ole same ole
yet... amazingly brand new

like  ones I remember

load after load of flowers saved... 
and returned back to the warmth 
of their sanctuary of glass. 

a tricolor Rose -
her first trip to the greenhouse...and garden

for the beauty of flying ponies 
racing in the snow

splendid walks... 
seeking His Presence

finding a cold and weary song sparrow ... 
getting her to safety, water and seed. 

messaging with a special aunt 
who loves nature and has so much 
knowledge about creatures big and small

watching ole Mama Ivy 
make  snow angels

-feelin this heart burst trying to knead dough,

and do up the dishes with a baby fallin asleep on my foot. 

for moments to rest in His Sonlight....

and reflections of His goodness.... 
Thank you God for all these things and so much more...
thank you for my every thing.  

I sign off with this verse from Matthew... 
as always feel free to keep and share all scripture pictures.  

Until we meet again, 


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