Friday, March 5, 2021

First of March... and Scripture Pictures

Another month is behind us.  
A month that held both success and failures.  
Goals and plans met and blown. 
There are now over thirty days of flowers 
inside my journal. 
The good,
the bad,
and the ugly. 
But it's all there.  
Pages filled  with lines, marks,paint, ink, soft pastels,
charcoal, and watercolor.  
Words both kept and hidden

... and words spilled out. 

No perfection... no rules, 
no worry.  

This season of Lent has been ... not sure of the right word?
Well staring at this monitor I realize it's not really been Lent at all.. but I guess just been me.   
I've been off.  
Even my SRT study book got lost in the mail or something and didn't come til 
two days ago.  So using that for an excuse I wasn't in the word as much and that 
didn't help.  Looking back on the beginning of February ... and the pages that followed
to now brought me   

Seems so simple and yet...
how is it so easy to lose focus.  :(
Here I am at the crossroads Lord... asking for the ancient paths...
and trying to get back on it where the good way is.  

Spending time in the garden ... has been some  solace. 

Finding gifts... 
like this  basket of profusion 
gifted -- from mylove who knows 
I always fancy blue.  
(Trailing pansies.) 
-- Counting my blessings with gratitude.  

Planting  and sowing more hope of things to come.
Prayers lifting up and nasturtiums and 
tomato seeds watered.  

Pottytraining this little toad 
has kept us both hopping.  I'm not sure which one of us 
is actually getting trained. 
Puppies take a lot of time don't they? 
She's worth it all.  

I'm thankful  for this new little friend even tho
she tries to gnaw our feet off with her needle teeth.
She's so cute when she sleeps.
She got her shots this morning and the vet said we need to 
nip her behavior in the bud coz she really thinks she's the boss 
of things.  He gave me some tips of what to do when she bites -- 
so that's gonna be some new schoolin for both of us.  
She's smart so I hope she mellows out.  
Yesterday she learned to "sit."
Today she has it down pat.  
She's a girl after my own heart coz  already 
she gets excited over "cookie."
We're gonna get along swell.  
I think I just aged myself.  Swell  sounds so ...

I've started cleaning up the gardens... 
Got the big raised bed all cleaned out.  
Still racking my brains what I'll plant where and 
how I want to do everything.  
In many ways it's harder to plant a small garden than a big one. 
When you've brainwashed yourself with: there's always room for one more seed or one more bulb... 
well- troubles arise.  Gotta make a plan.  
Less is more and more... is less- 
Who really buys that? 

It's also the time of year for pruning. 
A hard lesson for me every single time.  
Snip by snip wisteria and ivy 
are cut back.  It was painful... 
but I did it anyways. 

Only this now  remains to re-bloom.  
An umbrella of wild woody vine... and as I snipped ... I remember.... John:
Every branch in Me that does not bear fruit, He takes away; and every branch that bears fruit, He prunes it so that it may bear more fruit. 

The roses are getting pruned as well.  Our fence man said if I don't do it...
his guys will*  He used very colorful sarcasm.  
No worries sir, I will take care of that.

The warmer afternoons are waking more than vines and grasses... but fish too.
The pond hasn't had much movement yet. -Very few circles on the water;  but 
I'm itchin to dip a worm.  

Rosie learned leash 101 this week.  She loooves to go walkin!  
She even got this olde gal to run a little.  Not true:  I ...Wogggg... I wogged she ran.  
She also got her second shots today and 
learned to sit on command.  
Proud Mama.

I've been seeing so many hearts .... on our walks.
This one though is my favorite.  

Found this feather on a walk this week too... 

It became this scripture picture.  

This one popped up in my memories on facebook.  
It's one of my favorite verses.  

Last but not least, this heart rock too became 
a scripture picture.  
Alright yall, I'm so tired ... 
Sweet dreams,
Until we meet again

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