Thursday, December 10, 2015

Day Ten ... Gold

Gold scissors, gold washi,
and gold floral bible.  
These are  a few "golden" things I did today.
This  Advent Illustrated  book has been a wonderful new discovery.
I haven't illustrated very many pages in this bible yet; but I have been writing alot over the daily readings  these days.  I'm also printing off all the photos that go with the prompts shared here and
and adding  them into  my challenge insert  as well.  
There is something so satisfying about finishing a journal.
It's fun rereading it all later and being able to see things that God did in your life.  

Dishes are calling.  
What's gold in your day today?

Leaon Mary

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Anonymous said...

I agree that it is fun to look back over a journal, I think it's the visual thing I like...something to hold, to read and photos to look at and remember. Today I took my gold wedding ring off to put cream on my hands and I saw the 'ring mark' on my finger and it took me back twenty years of when it was first put on there by my husband and of course the memories came back. That is my gold today Lea. Thank you for sharing Advent today.

Sending BLESSINGS and JOY.