Saturday, February 8, 2014

Savoring This Day

Hello friends,

Last night, just before dark; it started to snow again.
- Myguy and I decided to go  for a little drive; and enjoy the beautiful evening.  We stopped off at the Mcdonalds drive thru and
    parked across the lot so we could sit back and watch the pretty snow flakes floating 
from  night sky.
Sharing a big order of  chicken nuggets and dipping  salty fries  in bbq sauce
was  a grand feast.
 The Jeep was toasty warm inside and....
 --Casting Crowns ... sang right through  the speakers.
It was ....
a night to savor.  

At first light this morning; 
  cardinals,red wing blackbirds, wrens, sparrows and others
  swarmed the feeders.
 The  blackbirds  reminded  me of the song playing here...
Morning has broken, like the first morning.
Blackbird has spoken, like the first bird.
Praise for the singing, praise for the morning,
Praise for them springing fresh from the Word.
 Before things started to melt;
I ran out
to snap a few photos.
Trotting around the garden were 
footprints galore- .
Birds, the fox perhaps,
and bunny hops too.

They had certainly frolicked everywhere!  
Dancing prints-
like a march of joy.

How different  everything appears-
when  snow is
on the usual....

 The garden seemed  happy.
As though heart warmed once again
beneath a soft blanket of  winter white.

How much of life I wonder is 
spent  wishing a day was somehow
different  than what it is?

How many gifts get  cast aside
missing out 
on this  day's joys?

  I wanted  to stop and 
 gaze  longer.... 
capturing the moments with my camera.
Every chilled  breath of them;
 --all  gifts.

So I set out on a backyard stroll....
looking for more.
--Putting out more seed...

and stepping back to witness the  flutter.

Tea anyone?

Cream or sugar?

I hadn't gotten the sd card from the game camera in several days and 
decided to walk to the woods instead of riding the four wheeler.
Besides; I kinda like to hear the crunching of snow beneath my feet.
No earbuds,
no noise.
Only snow and 
It even started snowing lightly again.

This set of  big tracks was on my path...
Our dogs had not been out here so it was probably a coyote..

He went the same way I was going.
For a hike through the quiet woods.
Such a pretty day.

Here's a couple photos that were on the card.
It's probably time to start deleting it-
almost 2000 photos of deer, raccoons, coyote, rabbits, possums, a fox,
cardinals, crows, and jays.
All moments most people never even see.  



Rebecca said...

I especially liked that photo of your shed & garden bed altogether.....

You're right! Why not savor THIS day as it is?!

Joy to you, Lea. ♥

sweetvintageofmine said...

Oh how I enjoyed my nature walk with you! I love the song....perfect! Lea, you are a precious soul and so is your heart and garden! Blessings~~~Roxie

Anonymous said...

I walked with you this morning friend and am thankful. God's beautiful creation all around us in our everydays. How much He cares for us and blesses us. You are a BLESSING to me always but especially now, with a heavy heart. Walking with you is so precious. Love you.
Jeanie x

Debra said...

I always love being here. XXOO

Denise said...

Beautiful sis. This really touched my heart, thanks. I love you.