Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Abiding, Planting and Scripture Pictures

 Hi friends,
.... Last year was there; what.. one wisteria bloom or two maybe?  
This year, they're bloomin their little heads off behind the shabby olde Potting shed, and
I find myself lingering... right here... with Him.
It's quiet... and I can hear best in this very spot.  

Yesterday, they were forecasting showers- so... 
I snuck in the shop and stole Trent away for a minute 
or two. 
He seeks  God... and I think hears Him too 
-maybe especially out there... in the garden.  

Where we goin Momma? he asked as we headed out the door.
--Well, it's supposed to rain, and  it could be gone tomorrow.... so I just want you to see it.
Experience it all..... (our God)
--and I know  He did. 
 He even stood beneath a wisteria bloom and inhaled face upward.....  
My heart... skipped happy!  Coz my manchild-son  could feel Him...-I just know it.   
When we walked back into the shop, Myguy asked what we were doing?  He knows
that when I need some muscle I ask to borrow Trento  sometimes.  
Trent smiled and said, ... Well, sometimes you just gotta stop
and smell the flowers.
"Look into the flowers... they are your glimpse into heaven" said my friend Fancynancy.
---and so I  share wisteria with you today... with a scripture God gave me.
"I am the Vine, 
you are the branches
He who abides in Me,
and I in him bears much fruit; 
for without Me,
you can do nothing."
John 15:5
(There's that word ABIDE again!) 
It's standing out to me alot ... in part because I realize and confess I haven't been in the word enough lately...

Moving on...all this past week; although the weather has been up
and down...the flowers are still
hanging in there.  
Thankfully; it hasn't dipped below freezing here like weather many of you 
are enduring.  Tonight it could frost however, so once again
flowers will be getting covered and buckets will go over tiny yet persevering  tomato plants.
Maybe this will be the last cold night?
I'm hoping...
and believing!  

 So far; these lil guys haven't been  phased at all.  
- I think they kinda like the cold rainy days.

 Scrambling for vessels in which to plant:   the olde Maytag was planted in more tunies..  Myguy helped  set it on steel plates  so it wouldn't sink; and then filled it up with rocks and potting soil.   This is actually the second time I've planted this Spring.
First go around all I had was pink and purple petunias and ... the red on the wringer part just didn't seem right with them.  So after soaking in the "Maytag"  a couple days ... they went into pots instead and these reds took  their place.When 
dumping out  some old dirt from last years pots that never got cleaned, out popped 
another cute toad.    Kinda wondered if there'd be one inside  Bigdaddy's 
other boots but when dumping them out ... found not a one.
Now that the pots and boots all have fresh soil and flowers, I wonder
how long until a darling toad takes up residence in those ole  boots again.
I do hope soon!

 A few other things have started blooming here....
This is Miss Clematis's first bloom of  Spring. 

 in full blossom.
I wish they lasted a bit longer... 
don't you?

 Aside from planting,
some of the garden junk has been getting moved here and there too.
Planted chairs, the sewing machine, and garden sink full of birdseed too. 
This tub was brought home from a recent yard sale adventure.
I'd never seen one in  this pattern before, have you?    My Sisterbear said it's 
a bushel/grain type. A bushel of zucchini, cukes, maters, .... cantaloupe?
..... happysigh... just imagine a real vine ripened tomato about now.  
With the salt shaker of course!

 This is the newest  flower bed and the  "Angel Mother" memorial  roses now live in it.
They were kinda struggling where they were growing before. So I hope they snap out of it and 
 get lots of SONshine here.  If I don't run out of gumption too soon tonight
I'd like to stencil a little sign for this spot:
Beware of Snapdragons
(they were marked down to 84cents this week and are now guarding the roses.)

 Over the weekend my sweetheart helped drag the old 48 Chevy out of the back pasture.  
He got it for me years and years ago and it's just sat in the back pasture growing lichens.
The glass is good in it but the floors  are pretty much gone in the cab and bed  so a rat had also taken up residence.  
When I cleaned out the cab I never saw it... but trust me... he's been there... a long time.  ick*
Myguy used the pressure washer on it for me and then I pulled him in the truck on the four wheeler to  the cornpatch.  So while the chevy  dried from it's bath,

 the picnic table got painted..... 
and later on.... with this leftover turquoise...
started on the truck. 

...Oh; ...forgot to mention that this was found in the cab with the rat stuff  and it now blooms on a fencepost.  
Does it look like a rusty 
"chevy flower" to you??  
.... okay...hold  your mouth just right and squint harder....
Now does it? 

With no floorboard in the bed of the truck; 
sunflowers are now planted  to grow out the back.... 
It's abit shaded... we'll wait n see what happens?
After this picture was taken the olde tiller made one more
 sweep up and down along  the passenger side
and a couple hollyhocks and a mess 
of zinnia seed  jumped in the row.  God willing
this cornpatch and flower truck will 
now take root.

This verse was in my lesson this morning.  
It seemed right to share today.
Let brotherly love continue
Hebrews 13:1
More love!  

Have a blessed day today... abiding, loving
and growing in Him.
Love,   Lea


Denise said...

You are so awesome, love you.

Patty Sumner said...

I love this post Lea. Just want you to know my dream vehicle is a 64-66 ford or chevy pick-up. I will take either. I love that truck!!!I cannot wait until I see what becomes of it when in bloom. Love your heart and sharing! Blessings!

Dee said...

I would love to walk through you yard and see all your wonderful and creative decor. Love it all. :)

sweetvintageofmine said...

My HEART be still! I LOOOVVVE your garden.....such precious plantings with stories. I first remember coming across your blog little more than a year ago...your shabby olde potting shed, your "flower bed", now this pick-up truck flower bed (can't wait to see how this turns out!!!) IF I'm ever in your neck of the woods, gotta have a tour, girl!! I miss my wisteria arbor at my other was my peaceful sanctuary, my special place with the Lord but looking forward to what he has for me now.....the story of your son is too sweet!! Blessings my friend~~~Roxie

Yolanda said...

Your a wonderful Mother and wife!! We had snow on Tuesday again, and so I haven't planted anything yet. Love to you,

Tant Gröns Lilla Bod said...

Your azaleas are absolutely beautiful! It's far to cold where I live, so the only way is to put azaleas in flower pots and keep them inside :). Thank you for sharing your lovely pictures, and the story of your son. My son and I love old cars and trucks! Have to show him the pictures of yours :).


Tant Gröns Lilla Bod said...

Your azaleas are absolutely beautiful! It's far too cold where I live, so the only way is to put azaleas into flower pots and keep them inside. Thank you for sharing your lovely pictures, and the story of your son. My son and I love old cars and trucks. I'll have to show him the pictures of yours :).


Paula said...

Your Garden Of Delights Bloometh Dear Heart! I See You Are Working Hard And Having Fun. Beeg Hugs Pj