Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Way...Scripture Picture

Greetings and holykisses,

This is part of my day  here in the mechanics shop.  Bible, study, devo, coffee, and candle lit with music from the shabby playing in the background. 
The past 24 hours has been ... unsettling to say the least.

Yesterday morning, baby Carter was taken to the hospital because of a fever? To be honest I didn't think much of it because I remember our boys getting fevers and my memory sees bottlefuls of pink Amoxicillin   through many of those  flashbacks.  -- Long story short; he was admitted and then began this long ordeal of testing; even a spinal tap to rule out Meningitis!  Hearing that word sparked complete fear in me as I have a dear friend who lost his Mother to that horrid word.  Thankfully the tests came back negative,but he was put through so much... -- they poked and poked on him trying to get a vein for an iv and ended up putting it in his head.  As the day wore on he was then sent by ambulance to children's hospital.  At least there; we know if there really is something wrong... he's in a place specialized for children.  ???  I guess they did xray's etc ... and all came back okay... other than saying he has gas and is constipated.  He's still running a little  fever and I guess that's what has everyone concerned?   We know he's teething already so wouldn't that explain a fever?   I hope if there is something wrong with him, they figure it out... -- please keep him in your prayers today.  The kids too because I know they're trying to do the right thing. 

With Trent gone yesterday; I was a shop girl again. 
Today as well. It started pouring just as I opened the doors and flipped the light switch this morning.  It sounded so good on the tin roof.  I lit my candle, and settled into the chair behind the desk.   My bible brought a good word to so many back and forth thoughts.  I'm praying for Carter... and Trent and Kayla.  ... For guidance and help today.  I give thanks that even when we don't  know what we're doing... or what's next;  well...that God is already there.  I'm reminded today, who to focus on.  --And to keep going... forward to Him.  No matter what our circumstances look like. 

I carried my journal down here as well and jotted the word FOCUS in big fat letters.  It's my one word today.  Maybe it will be for more days too.... because it's been so off lately- that focus.   Especially praying.  I started praying a  minute ago and then this mind wandered to the nachos I would fix for Myguy's supper and I wondered if the sour cream is out of date and did or didn't I take the hamburger meat out of the freezer?  

 Father please forgive me...

Show me your way today,
because it's what I want. 
Your good way.
Help me  re-focus on You.
With every person I speak with on the phone today,
and every person who walks through these doors; 
help me walk in 
your way. 

Thank you for
the rain on this roof.
For helping my family through so much...
even when we don't understand.
I know and trust you are
now and tomorrow.


Rebecca said...

Praying with/for you, Lea (and little Carter, too). Don't know if you remember or not, but a few months ago our little grandson Silas went through similar thing. Silas WAS in ICU for 13 days on respirator & IV feedings, etc. Thank God, he is doing fine now. After eliminating EVERYthing (it seemed) they concluded it was rhinovirus - a cold! He was just a couple of weeks old when it all happened....

Focus, Dear One. Relax in His care & wisdom. ♥

sweetvintageofmine said...

Hey ShopGirl! Enjoy your day~~GOD is in CONTROL~~~Satan is under your feet~~~(he sooo wants to distract) GREATER IS HE THAT IS IN YOU, THAN HE THAT IS IN THE WORLD! The rain on the TIN ROOF...your music and candle light...the presence of GOD is in that place! Prayers for CARTER and your family...BY HIS STRIPES,CARTER IS HEALED! Thank you, LORD for answered prayer and your blessings! My word for the day is...INTIMACY from one sweetie to another~~~Roxie

From the Heart said...

Yes, just put Carter in God's hands and He will take care of Him.
I remember the times when my girls would get sick (it seemed like every week or so) but God always brought them through and to good health.

Will be praying for you, you son, daughter-in-law and most of all Carter.

Cora from Hidden Riches said...

I'm praying, too, Lea! I had menengitis when I was 3 months old. I remember my father telling me how I was on a bed of ice in an oxygen tank. I wasn't supposed to make it, but God had other plans, didn't He?

As you wrote about your thoughts wandering as you prayed, I couldn't help but think of that verse that begins with "He knoweth the way that I take. . . " Could that not also refer to the ways that our thoughts take us???? He follows those paths right along side of us as we wander in our thoughts. He sees what's on our hearts and minds --- strange that we don't talk to Him about unthawed hamburger and out-of-date sour cream. We are quick to say He is intimately involved in every little area of our lives, yet all we talk to Him about are the "biggies." You are so open, Lea. It's what I love about you. Thank you for that! And when I pray tonight for you, for Carter, and for all of your family, I think I'll talk to Him about what's in my fridge!

Lea said...

Thank you so much for your prayers and encouragment. Rebecca I rememnber when Silas was so sick but had forgotten! Thankyou for sharing that with me! Roxie... you are such a prayer warrior and I'm making a note to write you a long email because I would really love to hear more how God has healed you. I'd love to hear more of your journey. Alice, thank you for sharing about your girls... and reminder that my family is in God's hands. Cora... I'm thinking on what you wrote- I'm wondering do I talk with God more about the biggies. Alot of times I'd have to answer yes but getting better since Deuteronomy 6:5 has touched my heart so much. Loving God with my every thing... has helped me talk with Him about the every things more than I used to. What frustrates though is when I'm talking with Him about something and then my mind darts off to something else... and then I just quit praying all together and forget I was even talking to Him in the first place. That's why I wish I had a refocus button.Well it's late... -- need to finish some things up and I have jury duty tomorrow morning. Thank you for your prayers for my family. I'm thanking God for each of you tonight.

Denise said...

Carter is very much in my prayers, and of course you are. I love you.

Dee said...

Praying and believing for your little grandson.\0/