Monday, November 23, 2009

Progress and More Decisions....

Greetings and Holykisses,

Monday, Monday..... -- I couldn't help but think of Hillsongs "Believe" this morning because there's not one room in our house that's in order right now, and I couldn't remember right off where my bible was this morning? --- Oh how I'm getting more and more anxious to get things finished and back in order!

We got alot done over the weekend. Inspite of the fact that, our mechanic shop got busy once again and with Tony not working there anymore,... Mike and Trent have been covered up with work.

Saturday afternoon, I cut all the old carpet up in more manageable pieces and got it and all the pad carried out back and burned. I had no idea it would smoke like it did. Yikes. I was so thankful no one called the fire department on me! lol
After church yesterday, Mike and Trent finished getting all the plywood laid down in the living room and down the hallway. While they did that, I painted the new trim boards inside thee other shop.

This evening, after the guys are off work, they'll start laying the new laminate down. I can hardly wait! I'm getting so anxious to have our house put back together! None of us are too crazy about living like this. Even our dogs act confused. lol

Today's DO LIST:
Paint the old trim boards around the closet, at the far end of this room white to match all the new baseboards. In the hallway, -- we've decided the bathroom door jams need to be painted white as well, but then there was yet another decision:
The door jams that lead into the other bedrooms have the boys' height recorded on them. I know our sons are grown and on their own-- But, ... I just can't do it yall. I can't paint these.
This was history in the making. Our history. Myguy and I would like to have a hallway with a nice new floor, and everything matching--- but's not gonna happen. For us; these are the things that make this olde house: our
Home Sweet Home


Yolanda said...

Lea, this caused me to be emotional. Thank YOU for being you and for being real.


Sue@CountryPleasures said...

I know what your going through but it will be all worth it when it's all done! Hugs! Happy Thanksgiving!


HI Lea..
OH it will be so nice when its all done..glad too the fire-department didn't come- LOL
I just had some noodles with butter , parmesan cheese and some crumbly Mexican cheese on it..YUMMY
AM gonna make another big bowl of carmel corn now LOL (:) oink -oink ~

Denise said...

Oh no..... you are right.. you cannot paint over that! The floor is going to be so nice and you are a brave woman tackling this right now... BUT how nice it that going to look! Make sure and take pictures after you are finished!

Happy Thanksgiving girl!

Denise said...

I love you dearly sweet sis.