Tuesday, July 18, 2023

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things....

Dear Jonathon,

I love morning pages, afternoon pages, and bedtime pages... 
writing and letting anything n everything flow... 
Like jotting a grocery list or a to do list, 
and then gratitudes spill when you stop and remember 
with a thankful heart.  

With thanksgiving this afternoon, 
I document a few of my favorite things...
No editing, no order... -- few explanations... 
just random things I enjoy... 

a really good book to underline and dogear
white on white wedding cake 
Jamming to Revival by Cain in my Jeep
Singing with gusto not caring who hears 
my leather tote backpack from Portland Leather- color: coldbrew
Meat lovers pizza (thin crust)  and Coors Lite datenight
stargazing in the back of an olde Chevy
Nydj jeans faded just right
laughing alot... tears streaming 
hunting with my camera 
hiking new trails to explore
hearing my Love read the Word outloud for us at bedtime
old books with leather spines
steam engine trains
giant snowflakes that seem to just float to the ground
my simple wedding band from Spiegel ... remember the catalog?
leather work gloves worn
blackeyed susies 
sitting on a mountain top 
watching hawks enjoy a windy day
finding feathers and old nests
a large vanilla ice cream cone at DQ
Myguy's forearms (he'll laugh outloud when he reads this) Hi Lovie... <3
How he still calls me Dollface after all these years
getting a real letter in the mailbox
handwritten recipe cards 
Susies giggle that hasn't changed since we were first graders
kneading bread
a great cup of coffee with coffee mate and stevia
homemade hashbrowns with real butter, salt n pepper
the company of dogs: Daisy, Rosie, and Lily
an owl sticker that I'm to wave to on the dash of my Jeep (thanks Blake)
the most comfortable bed in the whole world 
a room lit by only candlelight 
my pair of Blundstones 
Revlon 467
hoarding flowers 
bacon lettuce tomato samiches 
walking through the woods in the rain
peanut butter toast with banana on top 
truth and honesty 
making eye contact 
warm hugs
holding hands 
how he sweetly opens my door 
watercolor drips and splatters 
beautiful sunsets 
spotted fawns 
Quills kitty hugs 
an apron full of gathered eggs 
my beloved jean jacket 
finding a coin on the ground (In God we trust)
finding hearts 
the light cascading through trees 
Autumn everything 
Fiona's nickers 
 apple pie for dessert 
little box of animal crackers 
taking black n white photos 
 Conklin Duragraph fountain pen filled with Black Carbon ink 
trays of soft pastels 
pencil lines messy
crooked stitches 
rust and  painty chippy peely wood 
time to play 
flea market and antique store wandering 
old love letters kept 
memory box of childhood trinkets 
watching my bobber disappear
dragonflies everywhere 
a happy ending .... 
like now.  

Until we meet again...
Good evening Jonathon,




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