Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Seeds of Thought

Hello friends,
I've vowed to not leave this chair until I post
at the olde shed today.  

I have friends in the North who say their ground is frozen like a brick-
so I had to share the first little buttercup bloomer in our garden.  
These little guys live under a Rose of Sharon and are all snug n cozy in  
a bed of English ivy.  
How cheered my heart was to discover this first flower this week!
Spring is really coming.   
I know we'll no doubt have very cold weather still;
but even the grass is greening up in places.  

Mary Jane had her calf and the rest we hope
we still start in late Spring to early Summer.  

Like many of you; 
we've been battling flu and colds.
Myguy got hit really hard and 
thankfully he finally went to the doctor and got antibiodics. 
So other than when we've just had to go places ...
we've spent a lot more time at home.  
There's nothin worse than havin a coughing fit in a public place.
Not to mention who wants your germs?  
And when I say your germs; I really mean mine.. and Muguy
Yeah we've been real germy lately.  
I know many of your families have been hit with the crud as well. 
The worst part for us here... is we've had to stay away from our grandgirl.
We both got to aching like crazy for her.  
We just couldn't bear to chance her catching any of this mess.  

 Good thing our furbabies never care what kinda shape we're in huh?
These olde friends just love no matter what.  
And were really happy to get out and go walkin together again.
Wish we could get out there again today but it is pouring cats and dogs here.
A Funny-  (sorry but it hit me after I'd written it.)  lol  
Heck; we'll just leave that right there.  

I snapped a photo of my devo this morning.  
It was so good and fits right in with  all my garden plans this year.
"The choices you make are the seeds you plant, and they determine the kind of crop you're going to harvest in the future."  
This is out of the In Touch Ministries if you're interested in daily devotionals. 
It asks three questions.  
What kind of life do I want to live?
What do I want my character to be like?
and What do I want to become years from now?
Three good questions to journal.  

By the end of the month I'll need to start my seeds to plant under grow lights.  
I can't tell you how torn I feel over all this.  
I love gardening; no surprise.  
But there are other things I want to do this Summer besides spending sunup to
long after sundown tending it all.  
Did I really just write that outloud?  
 I've been opening this handmade garden journal from my friend Jeanie
and trying to plan  it out ahead of time.  
Even by encouraging myself like this.  
-This is my note to self... 
and we'll see how it goes.  
Plant what you love
and can't imagine living without.  
And just because you love it and can't live without it doesn't mean
you need multiple rows of it.  
Sounds so simple doesn't it? 
The problem is...
When it comes down to it... 
there is always room for one more seed or bulb. 
Yall have seen those shows of hoarders on tv?  
That's my garden.  
You can't walk through it... for all the plants and flowers you gotta jump, hurdle,
or go around... and then around the next row coz it's all blocked with ... more flowers.  
It sounds like a beautiful problem but it gets then to that point where you shrug your shoulders
and close your eyes coz you can't manage none of it and keep bringing more plants home and planting more seeds and then next thing you know it's the garden of Weedin... 
The morning glory take over happens then and it's katybarthedoor.  
I still haven't figured it out yet.  
But the clocks tickin.  
Have you gardeners figured out what you're doing yet?
My main thing this summer is I want more time for art.  
Maybe I should put it like this... I want more time for art 
without the guilt of I should be weeding, watering, and picking.

 I'm kind of amazed how important art journaling has become in my walk.  
Often the prompts given...wind up  going  down a whole different road for me?
One prompt was about painting a castle and instead.. I found myself 
with my nose in the word reading about heaven and the walls and gates and 
streets of gold and jewels in the walls and my castle instead became my heavenly home.  

This past week's prompt in my journal turned  into the tomb where Joseph of Arimathea laid the 
body of Jesus after He was crucified.  

 I had a really cool thing happen today.  
I've shared before that when I read the word every morning I record a verse 
that stands out for me in this walk in faith book.  
Today Phil 4:8,9 returned.  
How many times has it in the past... a lot!  
I wrote it out in the space for the day and then after the Voice of God study and
Lent study; I knew I'd grab a flow paper magazine to maybe cut out some papers to use.
I saw a Daphne Magazine as well and knew I needed to look through it as well.  
Opening it I discovered an email from my friend and Mentor in life Cora 
who went to heaven two years ago.  I had at some point printed out the email and stuck the pages inside the Daphne magazine.  In it she wrote to me about my thoughts and wrote out 
Philippians 4:8-9.  The very verse I'd just written in my book.  
 Sharing it here... brings tears all over again.  
My friend and mentor was once again encouraging my heart and 
pointing me to Christ.  
She also wrote about two books I should read that I honestly don't even remember 
anything about so I found them on amazon and did a good bit of reading about them; 
putting them in my cart for one of these days soon.  
Talk about a hot lump in my throat.  -- shew... 
Very much a God thing.  
Ha... about -hot lumps...
I have to share this tea with yall.  
If you've not seen this... this tea is seriously awesome.  
For a good ten days I had such an awful sore throat.  
This is the only thing that really helped ... especially with the coughing.  
I discovered I like it super hot and with stevia... but give it a try if you wind up 
with a cold.  Eeek... it's  reminded me that growing  teas is yet another something I want to grow this Summer.  
See the struggles real! 
I sign off with a picture of my sweet n me.  
Babygirl's  growin like a spring weed.  
I just thank God I got to spend the day with her yesterday!!  
Also since I haven't shared a scripture picture in a while
I leave you with the verse my Mentor in life loved 
and spoke to me often. 
I know I've shared it before but ... 
May we stand at the crossroads and look,
and ask 
for the ancient paths
where the good way is-
And walk in it.

Leaon Mary

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Jean said...

Lea, it is always a treat to come visit you. I am glad that you are on the mend and thinking about gardening plans for warmer days. I love "katiebarthedoor" hadn't heard that before, I am writing it down to remember!! I love your artwork too, such expressive eyes you draw.
I got a scripture verse this morning which my angel friend Barbara used to say to is from Isaiah 30:21...this is the way, walk ye in it..." and then I read your scripture verse at the end of your blog
What a lovely photo of you with Blakelea and oh how she has grown.

Bless you for sharing your days. Keep well and stay cozy.
J x