Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Mustard Seed Faith

 Hello Friends!  
Thought I'd say howdy from the olde shed today and share
a few things since our paths last crossed.  

I feel like I've been in hibernation how bout yall?  
Must say I've been enjoying it though and getting to stay on the farm a lot. 
There's nothin better than a peaceful, plain olde ordinary day.  
One can always find beauty and joy in the smallest of  things.  
Like this donkey who wears her heart on her sleeve.  
You just gotta find the love.  

 Like cutting and splittin firewood with your very own  Prince Charming.  
 I saw it again in that smile of his  and twinkle when he's out feeding his cows.  
These ordinary days ... are gifts to treasure.  
So I document them and count them right into my books.  
Special moments ... 
and things I'm learning along the way.  
I can't remember if I shared with you here that I signed up for
Wanderlust 2018.  It's a year long art class that so far...
has been ... very... purposed it would seem for me.  The  theme paths and roads this month
sure has intersected my olw Walk.
You know that feeling you get when you know that you know.. something is happening
but you can't just put words yet to it all?  
Yeah; that thing has been happening.  
This past week was all on creating mandala blooms.  
The compass bloom - got me.  
Mostly because I've  never had any sense of direction.  
It's just not there- and yet...
I know my true North no matter where I ever am.
So even lost as a goose; I'm never really lost.  
The realizations ... are revelations
if you let them ... be. 
 You just keep walking it out.  
Moment to moment. 
 2018 is a year for Art to be a priority.  
Learning everything I can.
To even paint my garden.  
Weeds n all.  
And somewhere through it all... every step seems to be taking 
me one  breath closer to my greatest love. 
 I have no idea what's in store.  
But I have faith... like a mustard seed.  
It seemed important to share this today. 
Maybe you need encouragement. 
... may I encourage you to keep walking it out as well?  
To keep going.  
I don't know what you're going through...
But we all have something.  
A wise woman said that to me awhile back and I've thought of it 
over and over and over.  
It's so true.  
We all have something.  
So be encouraged.  
Have faith.  

Keep asking...
And do the next thing.  
You can do it in Him.   


rebecca said...

Yes! There is such beauty in the ordinary.
We carry His light inside us, the Word says.
Sometimes it warms us and we sense it....sometimes it warms others and we never even know it. Sometimes it is seen through our "cracks"....sometimes it just BLAZES and nothing can stop it!

Leaon Mary said...

Miss Rebecca I LOVE what you shared here... and I'm writing it down to KEEP forever... thankyou for sharing your wisdom... it really means a lot. I especially liked the part about how it's seen through our CRACKS.

Jean said...

A donkey heart!!!! just says it ALL. Creatures so loyal and wonderful. LOVE IT.

I wish you blessings in your new year art adventure course and know that you will do well and enjoy as you have such a gift for art and it is such a beautiful way of spreading God's Word and Love.

J x