Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Even Though... JOY

Another day... and here we are.
It was such a beautiful early morning when we did chores.
It looked and felt like Fall!! 
Our sky kept getting darker and darker and then
the bottom fell out and it rained cats n dogs.

I had noticed a teeny surprise chicklet with a Momma hen when I fed..
and they were in a bad spot.  Although cuddled up under it's Mama
a little river was streaming in their direction.  
So I grabbed a carrier with a little straw and found a
small chick waterer then caught them up.
They're now all by themselves inside the greenhouse.

 Aren't they cute?

I just love baby chicks.  
Especially bantys.

My hoodie was getting soaked through but I stayed out and about
catching up on bunnychores and watering in the greenhouse.
When I went in, I heard something but nothing clicked in my mind.
I changed and kept busy til it dawned on me... that sound is a steady DRIPPPPPPP.
It was the nook where it attaches to the house.  
Last night, Myguy had started changing up some wiring because we're moving 
our television to hang on a different wall.  He planned to crawl under the house tonight
to start moving wires.  The flatscreen tv got set in the nook face up to be safe and out of the way.
You should have seen the puddle of water on the tv!!!!!!!!  I grabbed a towel and moved it trying to 
dry it off without pushing water to the edges but... it was sopped.  The floor... yeah- 
water had run into the living room and laminate was aready buckling.  I'm sorry Blakelea 
but I used your fluffy hot pink bath towels because they were the closest.  Then grabbed two pots
to catch the drips coming from the ceiling.   Then called Myguy.  
He came home to check it out.  
We both just shrugged our shoulders and called 
the Carpenter who is building the nook.    :)  
No tizzy... no freak out... no crabby... thank God I think we done learned that lesson
a couple weeks ago after the episode of HOME on the open range living room. lol   What's getting all crabby really gonna do?  It don't do diddly.  
So... I just sopped  up the mess and press on.

The carpenter came out... 
scratched his head... and grabbed a ladder to head around back.  
He found the problem... tried to fix it best as he could for now but you know it's hard 
on account of your rotten roof.  He put a tarp over the leaky area for good measure.
Then said he'd like for them to come back and shingle that side so we know that part 
will be good til Spring when we can manage to raise the roof and put tin on...  
Anyways so we have another  new plan.
Which probably is a good plan  
I asked him if he thought I could put everything back in the living room now.
He said yes and when they return they'll cut all the boards outside for the nook
so they don't cover everything with sawdust.  Hotdiggitydawg.  
I'm so anxious to get life back to normal.
Normal ... heehehahahahooooo  
Normal- what a funny little word. 

Looking back on the past few weeks... I've learned some things through the muck.
Like I know we're not supposed to worry but ... often I still do.
For all the good it does...?? 

And I'm learning I care too much what things look like.  
It IS what it IS.  

And ...learning more patience...
That little word Mama told me to learn not long before she went to heaven.  
I'm starting to think Patience is a lot like love... it can grow and grow and grow.
Soooo... not gonna worry.
The laminate may buckle but I choose Joy.
The tv may have drowned.... but I choose Joy. 
The roof may leak... but I choose Joy.  

This was slathered into my Documented faith journal.
While it's not a scripture picture... if it speaks to you
feel free to use it.
Leaon Mary

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Jean said...

You must have thought it was never ending!!! Your post entitled JOY says it all though AND the fact that you can sit down and share all that's been happening and share JOY through God's grace and mercy. Thank you. It is a lesson.

Blessings and JOY