Thursday, August 10, 2017

More Love

Howdy friends,
I'm fixin to go journal in the olde porch swing;
but first wanted to jump on here and share some encouragement.    

I've decided to start adding  inspirational
and encouraging quotes here at the shed
along with the scripture pictures.  
Feel free to share.  

This feather was on my path near our pond.  
Could be it was found just for you.  

Out of the blue this week; a friend texted 
me a flower that she made with a face. I told her  I'd make one to send her
as well. 
And this is it.  
I share it with all of you.  
I also cropped it for a scripture picture.
This verse came to me  when someone asked what my special scripture is.  
Once again it's all about the love isn't it?

Have a beautiful day,
Love, me.

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