Sunday, July 9, 2017

Savoring The Sweet

 Hi friends,

Hope yall have had a great week ... 
Those of you who have shared with me that you too are trying to set goals and make
healthier habits; I hope it's been a good start!  
If you've struggled at all yet... 
give yourself some grace and keep trying! 
I'm cheering you on!  

So far, so good; getting back in a  walking routine for me.   
My new hikers are making my feet happy and that 
means a whole lot to me.  
I wouldn't recommend wearing your seemingly  comfy cowgirl boots every day
all day; like I have in the past few years. 
I'm just sayin, coz could be you hit 50 something and your feet might
start griping about it like mine.  
Alright... movin on, thought 
I'd share some of life since I last wrote.

 I know many of you are my garden buddies.  
Well here; I picked the first corn that was ready.  
This was  Myguy's supper one night.  Well... that
and some sloppy Joes.  
This corn looks pretty in the picture but honestly the 
patch is a big disappointment.  
I'm not sure if it's because I changed corn seed or..
if it's because of the privacy fence we put up near the patch but it's really
not doing so hot.  Maybe too shaded?  
Next year I'm moving it all.  
And... unless things change and the ears start growing better on the rest of the stalks,
I may change back to my preferred seed.  This is kandycorn but my old faithful seed
is from Gurneys.  
Time will tell .... 
I've learned to not give up on corn.  
A storm can come through and lay it all down and
three days later it can start standing back up again.
I've seen it happen.

After checking  sweet corn,
I ran up to the postage stamp garden and checked Indian corn.
Opening the first ear... this was what I found!
The seed is called Painted Mountain and I got it from Bakers creek.  
Who knew all that was going on inside those covered cobs.  
I opened a few to see inside....
The donks were in the front pasture and came to beg
at the fence.  I give them sweet corn but this corn
is for keeping til Autumn.  'Sorry Spirit.. not this time ole boy."

 I didn't open very many but the colors... 
are so vibrant and pretty!

 Would you not wear these as beads around your neck and wrist?
I sure would.  
Since it was all ready and starting to dry at the bases I plucked them up;
rebuking chiggers and copperheads the whole time
The grass had gotten quite tall in there and I couldn't see what I was stepping into.  
It was kinda scarey.  Who am I kidding.... there was no kinda... - it was flat out scary.
Especially since I've killed a copperhead at the wellhouse,  and found snakeskin at the edge of the garden there.  (man I hate snakes; chiggers too)  Soon as I got home I got in the shower and
scrubbed with a loofah and tossed clothes straight in the wash.  
If any of you have ever been "ate-up" by chiggers before;... you understand.  If you haven't...
well, I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy.   
 Before we wind up the garden things; here  is yet another favorite of mine.
It's called Moon and Stars watermelon.  
The little yellow speckles (moons and stars)
makes me so happy.    
I have hopes for  this  little baby to ripen and 
grace a pioneer woman bowl.
 The  roses from David Austens are still doing faaabulous!
Look at these ruffles yall.  
I've not cut any to bring inside and probably won't this year. 
But next year after they're better established; I hope an antique 
Cross Jar will be  spilling over with them on our table.  
Every time I walk by these, they say, "Come smell me."    
 This rose- AspenRose; was happy to ride shotgun 
in the olde 66 chevy to get her hair done.  
Funny; I haven't spent a nickel on my  own hair at a salon in almost two years,
but our dogs... get the royal treatment.  
Poor Aspen was about to roast in her wooly coat of many colors.  
It's gotten sooo hot down here and she just gets miserable.  
She has her own fan in my art porch and keeps 
 herself plopped right in front of it.  
Now that she's shaved I aim to take her walking with me a lot more.  
She's such a chunk ... and you know what they say...
 we start resembling our pets.  
Oh Aspen Rose... let's go hikin.  

 Our fourth of July was fairly quiet.  
Myguy was off work, and got to be home for the whole day and that alone made mine.
We'd gotten matching patriotic tshirts at Cabelas last trip we were there 
and I love being his twinkie.  

 One set of our kids came over for awhile.
It was a fun and  relaxing afternoon.
It  was also our little firecracker's first fourth of July ..ever!  

Grampaw tried pullin us together in the wagon, but ole
Granny was a load.  
It was a good day.
So much to savor. 
That word "savor" has been on my mind so much lately.
I'm trying to be more mindful to savor the sweet moments
in even my ordinary.  
A nibble of something....
A cowkiss....
A smile....
A giggle....
A breeze.... 
So much of life gets ...rushed right through.
Time is so fleeting and .. mysterious, isn't it?
The older I get the more I think of it.  

Well I sign off with a new scripture picture. ...     

Until we meet again, 


Dianne said...

I enjoy your messages of farm life and love.

Jean said...

Lea and what an amazing crop of sweetcorn, they are like little jewels!! I had never seen a moon and stars watermelon, what a beautiful colour and so aptly named. The family pics are just so cute and a treasure. The wee one looks so happy, what a lovely day. Thank you for sharing.

I love your new banner with the sunflower and the sunlight filtering through the trees, looked like a beautiful evening.

This is the day the Lord has made we will rejoice and be glad in it.
Psalm 118:24