Saturday, July 1, 2017

Day One Goal Setting

Hi friends,
Thought I'd jump on here with a few shares today.
I've been setting some new goals for the month of July; anyone else?  
One- was  getting to the shed here and sharing a scripture picture!!  
This is one of my walking trails and this verse 
speaks to me today; especially the tiny word "all." 

Another goal is to make some new healthy habits.  
At close to 53 years old; I've been finding my joints giving me fits lately.
It's possible it's from medicine I've been on; but maybe not too?  
My doctor is  making me an appointment to see a joint doctor after they 
did some bloodwork  so I'm getting my butt back on track.  
I've really slacked off.  
I do love  walking and hiking for exercise so ...
for the month of July I'm hoping to make it a healthy habit again. 

I've been taking so many photos lately.
So another goal is to share a photo a day, whether it be here
or Instagram, 
Photography has become one of my favorite things.  
Photos of sunsets always get me... but 
recently I've been noticing clouds a lot.  
Maybe it's a whisper to keep 
looking uP.  
My God is with me always!
 This photo was a sweet moment captured of 
Ole Violet flashing her pearly whites.
It was an unexpected surprise and
I have a hunch that a sweet lassie from Scotland will especially like this one.
Had to share it tonight.
Maybe it will make someone smile?  

  Part of my goal setting decision this month included joining
the Reset Girls Summer Camp.
It's perfect timing for me!
Today I thought through my planner dividers, and 
 personalized them for my own "walk."  
Walking in love,
walking in the spirit... 
and walking in truth.  

 For added encouragement "walking," 
I got a new fitbit.  
I'm hoping it helps with the physical side of walking.
I had a different brand but it had the heart rate feature and it bothered my arm a lot.

Here's another divider I made today using a photo of
a very small blooming cactus for the health section.  
It may seem odd to some but ... for me it's meaningful. 
 Here's another I'll share.  
My soul section.  
A long time ago I started a face in my art journal and 
this was the beginning of her.  I found myself staring at it 
and I couldn't pick up the brush anymore and add anything to her.  
Everytime I looked at her I thought of the word soul.  
So she stayed just like this...  and she's soulful.  

Other sections I may share further down the road.  
They include some dreaming, and how I perceive truly ... living!
My thoughts about "living well" from back in my 20's to now.... way different!   
Anyways, I prayed long and hard this morning about it all.  
I'm excited... hopeful and day one is starting to wind down!  
 Today was healthier.  
The sour cream and onion chips didn't happen like usual. ha 
Instead... cucumbers.  
Gotta have crunch right?  :)
Day one!  A victory.

Alright friends,
Thanks for visiting the shed today.
Until we meet again, 


Jean said...

Good morning Lea,
I always enjoy my walks with you and I look forward to joining you this month, and shall be looking out for daily blessings to photograph when I am out on my morning walks with the dog.

Your photo of the darling donks certainly did make this lass smile...they are adorable and huggable.

I too have had joint pain and have recently got a pair of specially fitted insoles for my shoes so am hoping to get out walking a bit farther to try them out.

Thank you for the Scripture verse and picture and as always you are a blessing and a joy.

God Bless

Dawn Dutton said...

Lea, I so enjoyed my visit to your shed this morning. What a joy!
I had never listened to your play list before this am. It is lovely.
Have a awesome day my dear friend... hugs and love in Christ....dawnduttonalloneword

rebecca said...

How inspiring to peek over your shoulder as you square off with July 2017. I walk about 15 (?) years ahead of you on this "trail" of life, Lea. I never tire of goal-setting. The years have somewhat tempered and taught me the need for balance between "push" and "rest"/"be" and "do". I'm learning as I live :)

I really like your journal dividers! And the word "soul" crept up in my journal last week as I turn the phrases "soul nurturing", "soul-tending" and "recollecting the soul" around in my thoughts and intentions and planning.