Saturday, May 6, 2017

My Artist Date

 Hi friends,

Well, last I posted here; I shared that I was starting in the book The Vein of Gold.
In this morning's lesson; I was reminded of going on Artist Dates. 
I started doing that when I went through the last workbook but had kind of forgotten
about them.  The idea is to go somewhere all by yourself... a place to refresh... get inspired..
take in something new... - you get the idea. 
But I just really had no idea where to go? 
A friend of mine and I had been talking vintage shops and things and I told her I hardly go anymore. 
Well today I decided to visit my most favorite little antique shop. 
Hadn't been there in quite some time because honestly... I just don't need one darn thing. 
There comes a point that you just don't need to keep dragging home "more stuff." 
I loaded in the jeep and tried to talk myself out of it all the way there. 
Almost turned around and came back home. 
Do you ever try to just talk yourself right out of something?
Once I got there and inside though... I was glad I went. 
It did inspire me!!! 

 I also told myself I could just look and not buy anything. 
Who was I kidding? 
Especially when I found this book called Masterpieces!
It is chock full of works by DaVinci,
Picasso, Van Gogh ... you name it!!! Five bucks. 
Thought I might cut images out and glue into my art journals
but I don't know if I can actually do it.  Once I started reading...
Ohmygosh... it was a score for sure. 
On top of it, is a vintage FLOWER book full... I mean full of flowers.
I flipped to the roses section and yall..
there are even pink grootendorst!
Beautiful color photos!!

Then I found this black transferware plate. 
It had two-three hairlines in it,
but I found another one identical to it in better condition.
I love this pattern so much.
See where this artist date is going?
sweet inspiration!!!

 Then there were these cheap little bottles.
The green one is already on the bottle tree in the garden.
The flask with the honeycomb is staying in the house...
I want to do something with that one!!!! 
The other two in the potting shed windowsill.
Look how pretty the plate looks with these flowers?
The flowers are actually a deep reddish brown color but
they almost take on a black hue?
I think my little date was a success.
I'm anxious to open up my journal tonight and
smear on some gesso and paint. 
But for now I better sign off.
My gals are on their way out to the farm today.
I get to kiss some babytoes. 

Thanks for stopping by the shed today.
Have a great weekend!


Jean said...

Good morning Lea, I am glad you had some fun time for yourself and went exploring and didn't talk yourself out of it!! Lovely treasures to bring home too!! yay!!

Blessings to you and thank you for sharing your "date" and for brightening the day.

God Bless

Denise said...

Well if I needed inspiration today I came to the right place. I think I have almost become a shut in and I am trying to dig my way out. There is always so much work to do I have lost myself in the task. I love love love going to little flea market shops just to look and find inspiration but I do not think I have been in a shop in several years now. I so love the old book that you found. What a treasure, I have a very old "Favorite Christian Songs" book and it is old and tattered but sometimes I just like to look through it. I love your potting shed pictures. I need to start posting my projects.... there are many! Sending hugs and blessings for the day....

Leaon Mary said...

Thanks for stopping in Jeanie!
I bet you have awesome shops where you live to visit?!!
Do you have a favorite?
Denise, it was great hearing from you!!! I sent you a longer private message..
I think of you so often in that big ole beautiful greenhouse you built!
Yall bless my heart with your visits here... and friendship!
Thanks for the love.... Lea