Monday, May 8, 2017

In The Write Direction

Monday, Monday,
Hello friends! 
Thought I'd say hey real quick this morning and share
how things have been unfolding. 

Yesterday afternoon I worked outside all day. 
Since I was around to babysit them; I turned Gladys Kravitz and
the "big girls" out for the afternoon so they could forage bugs and graze awhile.
I was a little worried they'd get in my flower beds or eat the sweet corn coming up but
I don't think they bothered much.  Since the barn has been knocked down;
pwhen dusk comes they still wander like... "Hey, where'd the barn go?"
Then when it gets dark they roost wherever they find themselves.
Glady's here likes this old typewriter that sets out on the back porch. 
She is so... unique looking?  She's an Araucana so lays the greenish blue eggs.
She's getting old like me and walks with her butt tucked under and she has huge feet
the color of Golden's paint called Green gold. 
When she roosts... she holds her arms down tight like she's in this protective
don't touch me mode.  A hoot she is! 
Before scooping her up and taking her back to a pen I snapped the photo above.
It's not the greatest coz it was dark out but it worked okay to turn black and white and
besides... I positively  adore black and white photos. 
The black and white went along with Saturday's artist date theme. 
Some of you may have read that on Saturday I took myself to my most favorite
antique shop for an Artist date. 
There I bought a beautiful black and white transferware plate from the 1800's. 
I printed it off and used it in the background for yesterday's planner page. 
On top of that I printed my gals; Michelle and Blakeleas photo from this weekend.
They came out and we hiked the pasture with Blake in the stroller. 
It wasn't bad at all since we mow paths.  That stroller is the bomb diggity; especially
since Blakelea's is 9 months now and getting heavy to tote around. 
When I sat down to write out Sonday's page; I loved how the artist date really
did inspire me in this intentional, yet playful way. 
The patterns on the black and white plate are still with me. 
The flower book I found too with the pink grootendorst roses! 

 One other thing has already unfolded as well today.
This is my verse this morning and a photo of my own personal bible.
The  highlited markings already in it. 
For we are His WORKMANSHIP---

Reading that; the new, vintage art book came to mind.
   It became today's scripture picture that I share with all of you.
The yellowed background is the actual paper from my book with it's beautiful foxing flecks.
The small black flourish looks like a cross to me and the black and white transferware plate was again
We may have to pretend the roses are grootendorst?

Yesterday, I finally got my new screen door painted.  I went ahead and painted the other door
too so the browns would match.  I think it was called Turkish coffee from Lowes. 
It wasn't a perfect match to the other brown we have painted but the old has faded some and
this was fairly close for just eyeballin it. 

Out here is where I hope to spend my afternoon chasing weeds, tilling and mowing.
I'm making a list  of all the creative gardening I'd love to do...
Stay tuned-

Today's inspiration is "garden junk." 
Oddball things to set in the garden for interest... whimsy, and surprise. 


Jean said...

Good morning Lea,

"we are His workmanship" what an amazing thought. Thank you for sharing this Scripture verse.

I have enjoyed coming to visit today and hearing about your projects.

I love that you take time out to share your days here. I could imagine just being there in the garden drinking iced tea.

Sending Blessings and Hugs.

Rebecca said...

G'morning, Lea!
Can't wait to see more garden junk :)
Love the verses and highlights of work....workmanship....good works, etc.
I AM a piece of work. HIS work.

Dawn Dutton said...

Oh I love your chickens... They are the cutest....
What a nice blog post.. made my heart happy...


Pam said...

Hi Lea! I enjoyed your blog post. So nice. Hope you are having a lovely week.