Wednesday, May 3, 2017

A New Book, And Inspiration To Write

May 3rd,
Today I jumped into my second hand book The Vein of Gold. 
I enjoyed The Artist's way so much that I found this one by the same author
on Ebay. 
From time to time, I'll share how it's going. 
If you're on Goodreads; please friend me!  I'll be sharing my progress over there
and would love to see what you're reading as well. 
For this year's  reading challenge; I signed up for 15 books. 
Hope to get through more than that but fifteen felt fairly safe. 

In the book by Julia Cameron; the author encourages  writing
morning pages?  I got in the habit of that during the Artist Way.

Reading and writing are passions of mine. 
Got to thinking about that just today when my Gram came to mind.
I guess the older I get; the more and more of her I see in me?
She too loved to read and write.
 One year at Christmas time I gave her this little notebook. 
Then after her funeral  I was given  it back so today I decided to start filling it up.
Holding it ... I remembered  seeing it on her lap at the last birthday party
I was able  to be with her. 
There's  not a lot of writing in it but "some."
Pages have been torn out too. 

This page however got me.
It went hand in hand with my reading today.
I wonder if she started a guest list for her birthday party that I remember
this very book on her lap? 
Because Gram didn't waste things... she often  reused them. 
Here she scratched one thought off... and started another.  Like I do. 
She doodled around numbers... while she thought like I would have-
and still do. 

This is an insert I got ready for this month's morning pages. 
Morning pages are about writing whatever comes to your mind.
 Your grocery list, a guest list, what you're hungry for, if you're  mad at someone, or happy about something or if your feet hurt or ideas that spark.   You write the
"thoughts that enter your mind."  -- just like Gram wrote. 
Funny how that little handwritten scrawl of my Grandmothers inspired me so much today. 
It made me "want" to write and write with
wild abandon- like she did. 

Seeing Gram's notebook next to mine.. shakes me up inside.
She's still inspiring me to 

With wild abandon,


Jean said...

Lea I loved reading about your gran and the notebook you gave her and now you have it what a treasure. YOU are inspiring.

God Bless

Leaon Mary said...

Hi Jeanie... gosh sorry I'm so bad about leaving comments back.
I wish you could have met my Grammy... she was a unique soul and huge blessing in my life!!! She'd have LOVED your accent!!! and would love how you take flowers into the church there!!! xoxo

Rebecca said...

I've placed that book on my list to request from the library. Thanks for the heads up. (Wondering if I should add Goodreads to my "well" of resources or if I have enough to distract me with Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.....) ♥