Monday, March 6, 2017

Catching Up, Zipping uP and Buttoning uP

Catching uP:   
Today has been one of catching up in my Documented faith moleskine. 
This is where I turned the page from last week...
 to this week.  
I usually venture off from the documented faith verses..
and use the ones in my own daily devo's 
The whatever's keep coming to me.  
Ya know; ..I've tried to memorize Phil 4:8 so many times in the past, and I don't know why
I can't get it to stick?  If you're good at memorizing ... and have any tips; please share.
I want this verse in my mind.  I don't know how many times I've written it before....
and for some reason ... it jumbles in my head.  I'm starting to wonder if it's 
because of the many different bible translations I've went at it from.  
Reminder: ..I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me... even this! 
So I'm not giving up.  

Zipping It uP...
I wanted to share this book a friend wanted me to do with her through Lent.
The timing ... perfect.  A few days after buying the book; I felt frustrated with
someone and said something I regretted almost immediately afterwards.  
The word says, Be angry and sin not. 
Yeah well, the sin not part flew right out the window. 
So 40 days keepin it SHUT... was not a bad idea.  
Plus ... wouldn't ya just know Phil 4:8 is today's verse.  
Imagine that?
 Buttoning It uP...
So ... I've been outdoors today wondering what to button up again.
Once again, the weatherman is calling for severe storms tonight after midnight.
Wind, hail, and possibility of  tornadoes. 
We still have trees on our back fence that we haven't had time to cut up and 
mend wire.  And the new tarps been flappin on the barn roof all day with the 
wind coming up.  We have sheet iron still down the driveway and Myguy has 
told me not to pick any up coz he wants the insurance guy  to see all this but
still ... no show. I don't remember if I shared this or not yet but they did 
say it was an E-F 1  tornado that went over last week.  I've thought of that so many
times - remembering the sound of that storm going over.  
And so thankful God protected us.  

As I went in the greenhouse today and was taking photos 
of the newest bloomers as well as  the coral bells up above;

I discovered one of the greenhouse panes of glass
had fell inside and was broken behind this Dianthus.  
I never noticed it before but found other panes loose and in need
of caulking.  I hope they stay put tonight!  
 Inside the house; 
we have babies.
 It's always so exciting to find new sprouts.
This pot is a litter of salvia.
and we have lots and lots of tomatoes.  
It's always hard when they get a little bigger and you have 
to decide which sprouts get thinned.  
For now... they all are doing well.  

To sign off tonight,
I made this "share" to help me remember those  whatever's.  
And also... share it with all of you.  

Til we meet again... 


Jean said...

Good morning Lea, I have read your post and looked up the passage you mentioned. I also read the verses before...

The Lord is near....Phil 4: 5,6,7

I know you are an encourager and have always been....I know you will be an encourager to your friend thru lent.

Will continue to pray for strength for you all.

God Bless

Rebecca said...

I've had a similar dilemma with other verses, too. I think the various versions we use DOES make it more difficult. How about finding a song or making one up. (This one isn't particularly my style, but an example. There may be others.) You can do this!

As usual, I SO admire your journal and simply love you.

Tins and Treasures said...

Good evening, Lea,
You are such an inspriation. I love visiting your blog. Yes, this weather has been a challenge, hasn't it. I hope you are safe! Happy Weekend. ~Natalie