Friday, January 27, 2017

Taking Heed and Scripture Picture

The book of Luke brought me to the c word 
this morning:  "covetousness.
And he said to them, take heed, and beware
of covetousness:
for one's life does not consist in the abundance of 
things he possesses. 
Luke 12: 15 

I grabbed the dictionary to get a better understanding of the word.
To long for...
especially for something belonging to another.
Grabbing my highlighter;
I marked the meanings and snapped a photo to 

print with my little Polaroid zip 
and added it  to my journal. 

Alright friends, it's late and my hubby will be on his way home soon.
Gonna go fix him a good hot meal.  

One more thing:  February is right around the corner.  
I'm thinking about doing a month of prompts 
sharing one photo a day on  "love."  
Stay tuned, and have a great weekend,


1 comment:

rebecca said...

Dear Lea,
It's hard not to be covetous of your talent,
your handwriting, your journal, your polaroid zip!
Seriously, I DO know that covetousness creep in so subtly that one can hardly be aware of its presence. I guess that's why sweet Jesus said, "Beware"!
Have a wonderful weekend, my friend.
Let's keep honoring our Lord & Savior