Friday, January 13, 2017

Beauty For Ashes and Word Clouds

The Wind can sure wreak havoc and it did just that to this door 
on our greenhouse this week.  

When I went to water plants, on the windy day,  this was what I found.  
I guess a gust  caught the door and whipped it right into  shards.  

 What a mess and I'm still sad.  
It was  quite a labor of love from Myguy.  
I took the photos to text to him at work when I found the door broken and then started 
cleaning up all the glass.
Here are the salvaged panes stacked on my desk.  
See the irony?   

After cleaning up all the glass, I carried the  broken
wooden  pieces to the burn pile.  
While there; look what I found.

A charred bird and bracelet. 
Not long ago, a friend sent a gift to me.  
The package looked like something you could mail a poster in? 
It resembled a tinfoil type box.  
Inside, was the most beautiful Cavallini art paper and a beautiful card.
When I wrote her and thanked her she replied back and asked 
what about the other things I sent you?  
Other things?  There was the paper and the card in the package.  
I didn't see anything else.  She was positive she put other things  in there.   I really figured  it must have gotten mixed up 
in her wrapping paper stuff or something and it never got sent?  
That she'd come across it in her house?  
Then she asked if I could go get the box.
The box? 
The box was  already gone.
  I'd already thrown the box away.    
She was sick about it and I ...felt ....terrrrrrrrrible.  
Anyways, long story short .... the bird up above and the bracelet are from my friend!
Some of our trash gets burned if it's burnable  and the rest we put in the dumpster.  
You know; even if I would have ever dreamed I could find the things she said she'd mailed,
I would never have dreamed these two things would be salvageable but look...
A bracelet that says Let your light shine
and this beautiful little bird.  
I took the photos as I was cleaning it all up and sent them to her.
She was delighted and  told me that the bird was all white when
she mailed it.  That sounds beautiful but really, 

 I just don't think this could be any more beautiful.
I love it soooooooooo much.  
I'm wearing the bracelet too.  
It too is a unique color but they have even more story 
now and God spoke straight to my heart through them.  
No surprise that her word for the year is restoration. 
Mine is  illuminated.  
Chicken skin is what we both got from all this.  
Those are her words for goosebumps.  
Now more about words- 

 This afternoon I made a word cloud from your
one little words that yall have shared with me.
If anyone else wants to share  theirs, I'd love to see this cloud grow.  
Then I made this one too.  
I used an app on my phone called Tag Cloud.  
It was really fun but the more I fiddled with it, then it started making the words all bigger and 
when I saved the picture;  the words were running outside the square which wouldn't work.
Thankfully I saved these two photos before it started messing up.  I couldn't find anywhere on the app
to adjust the size of the font.  Maybe I missed something?  I'll play around with it again another day.  
The picture started out black and white but I added light to it in editing.
Feel free to use and share them.

Alright, gotta run.
Addie is in my spot next to Myguy on the couch.  
Til we meet again, 


rebecca said...

♥ you, Lea!
Can't wait to see how the busted door turns into something beautiful for you (as I KNOW it will)...

Debbie Nolan said...

Ah what a wonderful post. So glad you were able to recover your lovely gifts. Sorry about your door but I bet you will turn these broken pieces into something lovely. Love your word clouds too. Take care and have a blessed weekend.

Jean said...

What joy came out of your sadness Lea...and a bracelet with your Word on really do let Your light shine through this blog and You are Always a Blessing and a Joy to come visit.