Monday, September 12, 2016

New Elephant Rocker

This little Bloomer came to Poppa and Gram's house yesterday afternoon.
When she comes; we've been realizing our old rocking chair is useless.  
Personally I love the looks of it and I like to sit in it myself and rock but
boy does she creak and make all kinds of scary rickety noises.  Because the wood is so old
and it feels a little wobbly; we don't  trust it.  When people come over ... we steer them
away from "that" chair.  Just in case.  
But Blakelea loooooves to be rocked.  

 Poppa sat with her on the couch a spell and 
 they talked and 
 held hands.  
But when she gets fussy; ... 
 you find yourself having to use  your body as the  rocker.  
Poppa did a good job... 
So good that after Blakelea crashed..
so did he.  
I watched them snooze a little while then she got laid down to sleep in her
playpen.  I tell ya looking across the living room at that empty rocking chair we both
knew it was time for that thing to goooo.  

So today we found one we liked and brought it home.  
Not only did it barely fit through the door but 
it barely fits in the corner.  Like really barely.  
In this photo; it doesn't appear as big as it does in real life.  But she's big!  
The bear picture is huge but looks small next to the chair. 
Kinda cracks me up coz she's even the same color as an elephant.  
Have you ever brought home a piece of furniture and it didnt' fit through the door
or your first thought was: "I think I kinda liked it better in the store?"  
That was my first thought but she's stayin and I'm so thankful to send the rickety
one on to someone who will still love her.  
I had an antique trunk on the wall that the elephant rocker is on and it no longer fits 
in our living room either.
Suffice to say... I have some rearranging to do... 
If you have any good ideas on that wall where the new rocker is...
please share.  Don't really have a good little table to put between the two.  
And there's  a hole in the wall just above the baseboards
behind the basket that needs to be covered up with something. lol
(our house tells the story that we once had teenage sons) 
Bet your house has some stories too.  

Better get to rearranging.


Terra Hangen said...

Houses have stories, that is for sure. I like your new rocker, it looks very comfy, which is its purpose. It is big though.

Dawn Dutton said...

What a nice rocker! Blakelea will love it.
Looks like a good snuggling chair to me!

Leaon Mary said...

Thanks yall.... get to put it to use today coz she's coming to Grammys house!