Saturday, February 13, 2016

Saturday's Search

 Hello friends,
Quick post before I head out for my evening walk.  
I'm finding heart today; how about you?

 The mailbox had two more valentine's in it today.  
These are all handmades from artsy friends. 
I think every one of them are from different states. 
One from all the way across the Pond!  
What a journey they've all had.   

 On my walk tonight I'm hoping to find the hose that is "supposed to be" beneath this hydrant.  
I take it off so the hydrant won't break on nights it could freeze and 
I'm guessin our CRAZY donkey Spirit must have ran off with it.  
I've asked everyone if they may have "borrowed" my hose... 
and no one has.  That leaves Spirit.  
He will pick up a heavy LARGE rubber feeder tub and carry it in his teeth five acres 
away before settin it down.  So; it's not out of character for him.  
But yesterday I searched our whole place and walked most of the woods.  
Nothin.  So that's what I hope to find tonight.  
Earlier this morning I spotted something here.
Do you see what I see?
I left it.  But... it may come home with me tonight.. I don't know yet.  

Happy day everyone!!
Love Leaon Mary


Anonymous said...

Good morning Lea and Happy Valentine's Day!!

A heart stone in the riverbed!! What an amazing find the day before Valentines!

So Spirit is the 'prime suspect' in the case of the missing hose....I hope he has a good alibi!! Or maybe his adorable face will let him off...or perhaps that was his way of leading you to the riverbed and the heart stone...yay!! that's his defence..

Blessings J x

Tant Gröns Lilla Bod said...

I see a heart shaped rock in the creek :). Heart, rock, living water. Like a message of love. The Lord speaks in so many different ways.

Have a blessed new week!
~ Maria ~

Denise said...

happy valentine's day, love you

Leaon Mary said...

You gals see it too!! Yep A HEART!!!
AND guess what? STILL can't find the hose? It wasn't all that long.. 7-10 feet but where is it? I just don't understand?