Sunday, February 7, 2016

Jeeping Riverbeds

Hi friends,
How was your weekend?

Bet you can't guess what we did?  
If only I had brought the rest of my special rocks found inside to take 
a picture to add to this collage.  Unfortunately they're still in the back of the Jeep.
At least you can see the one I kept safe  in the pocket of my hoodie.  

Last month we had some torrential rain and the area where we walked
the water had been up over our heads.  I was hoping to find a special piece
of drift wood but; no keepers.  It was extra fun though coz you 
just never know what you'll come across.  
We saw a fairly big set of paw prints and wondered if we were alone out there or
Both Myguy and I kept looking over our shoulder.. 
You just never know.. ?

Alright it's late; just wanted to share a word tonight. 
Sweet dreams yall,

Love, Leaon mary


Denise said...

love you sweet sis, always

Anonymous said...

I am always impressed when I hear how heart shaped stones can be found as I have never found one maybe because we have sandy beaches not a lot of rocks or gravel. I love the picture of the riverbed and am intrigued to know what could have left the paw prints!!

Happy searching x