Friday, January 1, 2016

Jan 1 My One Word, Anchor and Scripture Picture

Happy New Year yall,

I'm just barely making it here before this day ends!
But I really wanted to record this fresh start!  
Myguy worked today, so I spent the better part of the day putting the Christmas decorations away.
Then; I decided to finish a deer skull I've been working on.  

One day over a year ago, I found this skull out in the field.  
It was pretty grotey but I carried it home and knew I wanted to do something with it "someday."
It still had some hide and crud on it so I stuck it in the crook of a tree in our yard.  
It hung there... til the end of this November when I decided to get to workin on it.  
 I googled it for awhile because I was afraid I'd mess it up.  
Then donned some rubber gloves and went to running water in it and scrubbing 
with a wire brush.  You would not beeelieve the spiders that were inside of it.  
Finally got those out and then it had wasp nest in it as well.  No wasps thankfully.  
It was actually kind of enjoyable working on it.  Kind of made me interested in taxidermy because
none of really grossed me out and after I finished it and bleached it .... -- I thought it was beautiful.

I got a little worried because it really softened up.. but thankfully no pieces broke.  
Then I let it air dry outdoors... then brought it inside waiting for a creative mood.  
That finally hit today. 
I share it with yall today as a scripture picture that 
just happens to be ...

my new anchor verse for 2016  
Philippians 4:8
The one  word I chose  for the year is: True. 
"Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things. 

If you also choose a word for the new year,
and or a verse... please share it in a comment.  
I'd love to hear it.  
Feel free to share this scripture picture as well.

Time to sign off and hit the hay. 
Thanks for stoppin by the shed,
and sweet dreams,
Leaon mary xoxo


Yolanda said...

The word that keeps popping up over and over the past couple of weeks for me is "generous/generously". I am going to be more intentional with living generously. Generous in forgiving, mercy, giving grace, letting go of grudges/hurts, in finances, in my time/talents, in loving. 2016 word for me is.....Generous!!!

Rebecca said...

I love "your" word. Just read Rev. 19 as part of our morning devotion. Verse 11 - The one sitting on it (the white horse) is called Faithful - or Trustworthy - and TRUE!

It's a strong word, dear Lea.

My word doesn't feel so "strong". I' rather have another, but "mercy" was unmistakably given to me.

Debra said...

Hey there! LOVE what you did with the skull.
I don't have my word or phrase yet....been kinda hung up on some other junk, but I know God will give me my word when I get all the spiders out of my OWN head!!!
Love you sister....

Anonymous said...

I haven't settled on a word so far but Yolanda's comment has struck a chord. I definitely need to be more forgiving and try to let go of past hurts and not bear grudges.