Monday, December 21, 2015

Dec 21... Prompt: Green.... JUST BECAUSE

 After supper, Myguy pushed his plate back and said, 
"I got ta gooo." 
"Where you off to?" I sorta whined. 
Those eyebrows of his raised and then all mysterious he says
"I have some Christmas shoppin to do."  
So off he trotted and left me alone for the evening.  
Chris Tomlin's new cd "Adore" kept me company and after 
dishes were done, I spent the next couple of hours wrapping gifts.  

As I wrapped and listened to carols I wondered where Myguy had headed off to?
Hmmmm... what's he up to?  
I imagined places he might be going... 
He's a great listener and pays alot of attention to things I say and he takes notice 
when I mention things I like. 
His time is my favorite thing he gives me though and as busy as he is he tries very hard 
to make as much time for me as he can.  
We've both realized over the years that often it's the little things people do 
for eachother that really are the big things afterall.  
It's cookin him  sausage, hashbrowns and eggs for breakfast and 
 running out to start his big Diesel on cold mornings while he's getting dressed.
It's warming his work clothes up in the dryer coz ... well; I know he's cold blooded and a 
little rickety of the mornin.
It's how he turns the heating pad on and puts it on my pillow
before we turn in for the night, every night. 
It's how I clean his glasses every day coz he forgets.  
And it's how he goes out of his way to carry feed to the barn
coz he thinks they're too heavy for me to be doin it.  
It's caring... 
and lovin no matter what.  

Last night when he got home I heard the key in the door.  
I was taping up the ends on the last gift to wrap.  His actually.  
My back was to the bedroom door  and he slips in behind me and hands me a 
pretty bouquet.
"These are just because," he said.  

Just because
He loves me.
What a gift he is Lord.
After 32 years, we love 
each other more every day.  
It's really amazing  how love
can  keep growing... 
year after year.
day by day.
moment by

So  for today's post, I thought I'd make a scripture picture and 
share this token of  love
Love each other.  
And may we never forget that
it's the little things
that really are 
 the big things.  


jean aicken said...

Lea, it is definitely the little things that mean so much and time spent together especially. When my Mum and Dad first met in Ireland when he was working there, he would keep in touch when he returned home and one time when he worked up north he sent her a postcard and she kept it. It was so special to her. It's still in the box at my brother's so it must be well over 60 years old.

Your flowers are beautiful and a Blessing. Have a great day.


Leaon Mary said...

Jean I love that your brother has your Mom's postcard still... what a treasure.
Since this post I started thinking about more things I'm noticing in a day... that are so special and I overlook too many in my days. I take alot for granted!!