Tuesday, December 8, 2015

A Warm Drink... Dec 8th Photo Prompt and Two Thrift Shop Finds.

 Coffee or tea? 
Here's my share for today's prompt.    
This Christmas mug found it's way into  my buggy during a recent trip to Hobby Lobby.  
It was surely the tartan plaid Christmas tree that had me at hello. 
Here; it held  my morning coffee; Folgers Black silk with creamer and stevia.   
Do you have a favorite mug you like to  use during the Christmas season?
While all of our everyday dishes are mismatched and often vintage; 
holiday themed plates and mugs are one of the things we do enjoy using this time of year.  
And when lots of people come for dinner; ... none of us has any problem with holiday themed
paper plates.  lol  
No fancy for us, ..thanks.  

 Earlier today I decided to head to town and stop at a local thrift shop.  
I was hoping to find a book or two to create in for an art class.  
Had my heart set on finding a small red book but green will work just fine.  
Thumbing through the white one about half of it covers the fruit of the Spirit- 
so that will be totally cool for a project.  

Driving home I stopped at another shop.
I guess it put me in the thrifting mood.
I'm glad it did because this sweet, little robins egg blue bowl came home with me.  
Not a crack! 

Well, guess I'd better go gather the eggs. 
If I can find any that is!.... 
The hens have all but shut down production and what eggs do get laid;
one or more hens has started eating before I get to them.  You'll find only abit of 
sticky yolk in the nest box.  Hope I can catch the rascal/rascals  doing it.  

Until tomorrow friends,
Thanks for visiting.
Leaon Mary xoxo


Anonymous said...

I like that mug too Lea, specially for a morning coffee yay!!!
Your art project sounds interesting and I'm going to look up the green book.
I was on the phone to my cousin in the south of England as she is going in to have cataract op today and she was saying that the gales and stormy weather have been bad and she keeps Indian Runner ducks and different kinds of hens and bantys and they have been so unsettled in their little coups and I don't think they've been laying either. Your robin's egg blue bowl is sweet. Sending kind thoughts and BLESSINGS to you today dear friend. Thank you for sharing your day.


Debra said...

Hello dear one-You have found some real treasures. That bowl is so pretty. I love your mug too! Wish I had a mug that I used for Christmas, but I just use what I got...not too special, but it does the job! I gotta get out to HobLob soon!