Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Now Faithing and Scripture PIctures

This was one of today's verses in the 90 day 
Devotional challenge.  Since it's been awhile since I shared any scripture pictures;
I thought I'd share it and the one below.  

Setting some new goals;
walking "daily" being one of them;-- 
This sunset was what I gazed on at dusk last night.  
While many songs usually run through my earbuds while trodding  pasture paths;
I found myself listening to Nicole Mullen's song "Holy Captivated" 
over and over and over..... 
It's now  added  to today's playlist.
I don't know if I changed something on the player here but
I have to actually click it now to get it to play.  
I'm wondering if everybody else has to too?

Anyways this verse is on my mind tonight because 
I'm " now faithing"  with all my heart 
on behalf of  another.  If you're a person of faith,
would you please lift up my friend   to our great God
and ask Him  for her healing?  It would mean so much to me; 
and I'm sure my friend as well.  
Thankyou so much.  

As always; the scripture pictures you find here are free to print 
and share however you like. 
To God be all glory. 
Now faith....


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the scripture pics Lea...the sunset is wonderful. The colours of God's creation are awesome. Isn't it amazing that though we are thousands of miles apart, we can share in His Love, Beauty and Blessings.

O Lord, our Lord,
how excellent is thy name in all the earth!
who hast set thy glory above the heavens.
Psalm 8:1

Denise said...

bless you for sharing, love you.

Denise said...

I love the word faithing ..... I listen to Pastor Melissa Scott and she is always using the word faithing. When I first started listenen to her and hearing the word faithing it was strange to me. However now it is my word of choice when talking about bleieving the Lord. I will join in with your faith for your friend. He is faithful and HE hears and if HE hears HE answers our faith. I am so tired of FB and am leaving it for the blog. I will stay on FB but I think I will spend my time here in the blog world. I love to see some of the other gals are still her. Sending blessing for the coming week......... continue faithing in the Father... (I am typing in my ipad and this font is so very very small I cannot hardly see what I am typing. Is there a way to change that.. These old eyes are having a terrible time seeing this comment)!