Friday, August 21, 2015

What Inspires You?

 As I walked yesterday evening,  I thought about the many things that just 
INSPIRES me.... 
So when I got back, I opened some of the picture files on our computer and just browsed 
through random shots of life.    Some of the craziest things... spark me to want to create!
So I thought I'd share a few things I came across without thinking too much about it 
or trying to put anything in any sort of order.  These are just random life photos of inspiration.  
Maybe my next post,  I'll share things that are inspiring me "today." 

On my walk I realized how BIG music is in my life.
And I just so happened to have this photograph of my beloved ipod on the desk in the greenhouse. 
I love praise and worship music and this little gadget  has been a huge blessing for...
probably five years now?  Music lifts me so much and when I'm IN a creative mode,
I'm always cranking my tunes!  
.  If I'm in the little art porch; painting  late into the night,
my mini boombox here
 is rockin the house.
My earbuds... are the same  way!  

Probably no  surprise but..
blooms inspire me like crazy!
Maybe it's the vibrant colors... 
... and the scent... 
but there is something so delicious about 
fresh picked flowers
in aqua fruit jars. 
 or even 

 a rusted out tea kettle 
found on the floor of  the big woods.  

 Flowers that are wonderfully  imperfect especially
inspire me.  The ones missing a petal
or are  nibbled on- they're so beautiful to me. 
 Marvelling at Light... cascading through a window.  
I always want to run for my camera when I see light 
shine inside!!!
 And of course... the word of God.
Reading it... studying it... singing it.... 
 Peas for breakfast.  
I don't know why but... growing and eating 
our own food... it too inspires me.
 Visitors like this little guy.
 Cloud gazing...
and finding more LIGHT.  
 Sometimes you just gotta look up... 
and just try to take it all in.  
Because there are just wonders all around us.  
If only we'll pay attention
and really see them.  
Twinkle lights too 
- no matter what time of year it is... 
a strand of white lights ... delights me.  
If I'm stuck when I'm writing or painting... alot of times just 
plugging the lights in... helps.
When I'm out shopping; if a store has twinkle lights all over-
I don't want to leave!
Remember the movie You've Got Mail and Kathleen Kelly had the Shop Around The Corner?
Remember all her twinkle lights... 
and it's a book store?  
I wanted to live there.  
....nature walks inspire me too.
Hunting for nests,
feathers, and rocks too.... 
it gets the creative juices flowing! 
pink and purple sunsets... 
I nearly beg the sun to stay just a little longer
 before it all fades away.
cute boots
on my feet or even the porch.
An olde truck to drive
or plant.
Bird and squirrel watching.... 
Squirrels are the most indecisive creatures there are... I swear.
Watching them... I could pay them in nuts 
to stick around longer.  
Discovering a new  bud that wasn't there yesterday.

This little closet 
out of doors.
animal antics.  
Witnessing the truly crazy...
cut loose!
That joyful  moment when the grass is all cut... weedeated, and 
you now get to sit back and enjoy it all.  
appreciating great works of ART
like this
and this.  
Driving around in a rusty olde Chevy with the windows down
and the wind blowing through  your wild  hair.  
counting my gifts..
and giving THANKS.  

texture... in turquoise
collaging and painting and finding 
more of Jesus
allowing yourself to 
be messy... and 
let your hair down
or up--
Baking sweets for my loves.... 
and puttering in an olde shed.
apron love.... 
chippy peeling paint... 

and colorful glass 
from days long gone.
Bits and pieces stitched with love...
and finding hearts

unusual places.
Inspiration in 
rain drops...
mountain tops...
and sitting...
on the edge...
Inspiration in brushes...

Open country church doors....
and frosted trees.
In moving forward
and stepping up....

In  shabby olde boots.
Early  morning songs.... 

and perfect love...

 miracles too.
and ... just believing!!

jotting down... things I see....
and these four little words....
and speaking them to the KING of the Universe.
witnessing new life....
dragonfly kisses...
and new books to record 

this story.

storm chasing... 

bible journaling and 
even a balding hen...
These are just a few things that have inspired me in the past.
And as I sign off today, I pray you too are inspired and encouraged.
May you see anew and act on it... -- Maybe it's to 
 pick up a pen and count your blessings.
or record the date and maybe just a word.  
Draw a picture,
paint a flower... 
bake that cake,
build a shelf,
... Maybe you're inspired to plant a seed,
go for a walk... write a letter.  
There is no time like

Sweet inspiration,
Love Leaon Mary


Denise said...

you my friend, are awesomely beautiful. I am thankful for you, you greatly inspire me.

Anonymous said...

Lea, I have enjoyed reading about your inspiration and the photos you share.
YOU are always an inspiration when I come visit you at the shed. It is amazing what is around us every day when we just look. The sunsets have been glorious. Praise God.


White Lace and Promises said...

First of all, I love the music. I've wanted to do this on my blog but don't know how. I love all the things you love, music, canning jars with flowers, my Bible and His Words that provide comfort, hope, peace, joy and life, clouds, old buildings, old trucks and everything else. Isn't God good. Is it okay if I steal the idea for my next blog post?

Leaon Mary said...

Denise, Jean and Bonnie thanks for stopping in! You all encouraged and inspired "me" today! Bonnie, if I can help you get music on your blog... please let me know I'd be happy to walk you through how I did it here. Thanks for your sweet comments today... Have a great weekend friends!

Cora from Hidden Riches said...

Loved your pictures of what inspires you. I think music is at the top of my list, too. It's like an old friend who is there for any mood you happen to be in at the time and it always lifts me up. Your pictures of the sky, sunsets, and clouds are so inspiring, too. I can remember as a little girl laying outside on a blanket with my mom and seeing animals and people in those formations and laughing hard as they changed into weird shapes, etc. And the night sky! The stars, moon, etc. I can only think of Psalm 19 "When I consider the heavens, the moon and the stars, what is man that Thou are mindful of him?" But He is mindful of us! And that always makes me feel secure in Him!

Dining on Delicious said...

YOU inspire me sweet friend!!!!

Fran. said...

Hey there Lea! Your photos are always so inspiring to me!! I'll go Oh this is my favorite oh no this one is, etc. etc. I still think you could create crds with your photographs and your paintings!! I do LOVE that farmgirl coffee cup n of course your cow girl boots!! AND could you let me know what would be the best way to ge my new phone number to you? I tried texting it to the other people in my phone and they know it was me. Thanks girl!! XOXO Love ya Fran.

sweetvintageofmine said...

Evening Lea, You've touched my heart (again) and made me put sooo many things back into perspective....(a girl can get down and out some...) Yes, the simple things in life is what inspires me as well......I feel like I need and desire that more than ever this day!! My prayer is God uses me...not my way but his~~~You are blessed and I so enjoy you sharing your thoughts and inspirations with us~~~Hugs, Roxie

Debra said...

Oh wow, I can't tell you how this touched me this morning. It made me cry-there was something here I needed, but I can't really put it into words. Thank you so much for this beautiful post, Beautiful one.