Thursday, August 20, 2015

Thursday Ramblings

.... So Addie and I just finished our evening walk.  
Fall is just around the corner and with that comes
all the physical activity I love....
hiking, motorcycle rides,
jeeping creekbeds, and just getting up in the mountains
and exploring roads we've never been down. 
I've gotten so out of shape... and gotta get back on track.
Somehow; lately..... my baggy jeans are now the 
tight ones... -- how does that  happen so fast?  Ugh.
I know; I know... 
cookies... scotcheroos... blonde brownies... tubs of Yarnell's frozen vanilla yogurt.
Did I say tubs?  
Hanging my head in shame.  
Well; today is a new day.  
It's been a new week actually; 
to get back to walking and trying to eat a little better.
This little uphill jont that Adie is panting on... 
yeah well; its been making  me huff and puff too... 
and it sure didn't use to.  
Oh well... soon... ---I'm determined to get this now 51 year old body
back into a  healthier mode of things.  
Soon as my carrot birthday cake is all gone that is.
It's one of my few rules;
NEVER ever waste your yearly pan of carrot cake.  
Wouldn't it be a sin to waste?  
Let's not quibble over one ohso moist 
pan of vegetables.
It's happycake.

 Gracie and the donks followed us a short ways until they realized
there wasn't going to be anything in it for them.   I've been walking up to Momma's
olde homeplace and tossing pears to them over the fence but unless
any have fallen over night... I can't reach them anymore.  
Most of the pears are 15 feet in the air now.  I learned
you don't really want to shake a pear tree limb
unless you wear a helmet or... want a concussion.  
(stop laughing coz my head really still hurts)!!! 

 Back on around the  pond for the second time;
Olde Addie jumped in.  Poor things  gettin kind of olde and tuckers  out.
When her Dad olde Abe got to be this age he too got fat with me once and 
it got to be where I had to start carrying him back on our walks.  
That  about killed us both.  
Anyways.... I enjoyed taking pictures of Addie here while she took a bath.
I just love when she's smiling and all happy.  
Dogs smile too ya know... 
She especially smiles alot when she's the only one I take along. 

So we survived another evening walk... 
It's one more thing I can check off the to do list.
I leave you with this  word I read today.  
As always the scripture pictures you find here are free to use.  
With all my heart,
Leaon Mary


Anonymous said...

Lea, I enjoyed an evening walk with you and Addie, what beautiful evening light. I can so relate to everything you say and it is good to be able to get out and about in the autumn days, exploring the hedgerows and seeing the changes in colours. Oranges and reds and rusty shades and the crops being gathered in. I love the pic of Miss Violet and I am sure she will be glad it has cooled down a lot. Thank you for sharing your day.

Blessings and Joy.

Denise said...

hope you had a very blessed birthday. now, we are the same age, until November. I love carrot cake, and I love you.

Cora from Hidden Riches said...

I just love that pathway up that hill. It's so inviting, though I think I'd be panting, too, by the time we got halfway. If you say "carrot cake" one more time, I'm going to have to make one. It's by far, my favorite!!!! Hope you had a really nice birthday!!!! And wear a helmet next time you shake the pear tree!!!!