Monday, August 31, 2015

A Day Of Firsts and Recording The Journey

 It was such a great weekend;  
How was yours? 

Saturday evening, Myguy got our bike out and we rode it to town and back just before dark.
It was running so rough so he drained all the gas out and put new spark plugs in.
That made a world of difference.  So, Sunday morning we did something out of the ordinary.
We rode the motorcycle to the Journey.  (church)  

No denim skirt this Sunday... instead
jeans, tshirt and boots.  Thankfully the Journey very much embraces
"come as you are."  And we did just that. 
We were running short on time because it starts alot earlier and 
is clear on the other side of town.  
Myguy came in the bathroom saying, "We've got to go if we're gonna make it to early church." 
I looked down and my fingernail polish was all chipped up and there was NO time for 
a quick coat of Sally Hanson.  
(Yall just don't know how that bugged me.)  
... Oh whatever... so I grabbed my phone so I could use biblegatway on it,
and my Sparrow "traveler's notebook."

 This is how we went to church.  
I didn't even bring a comb.  I was the girl with 
helmet hair.  
Oh yeah and those jacked up nails.  lol  

Oh and I almost forgot another first...
it was my first time on the interstate on our motorcycle.
Yeah we had to take the interstate to get there faster. 
The first little ways, my stomach was in knots.  
Myguy patted my leg and asked, "How ya doin."
(We have an intercom in our helmets so we can carry on conversations easily.)
"Well.... I'm kinda terrified," but... okay."  
He patted my leg for reassurance. 
I really don't like getting all boxed in with semi trucks ya know what I'm sayin?   
But ..we made it just fine... and it was quite delightful I must say!
The praise and worship and message... awesome!  
Never cared about my ugly fingernails or wild hair the whole  rest of the day!   

 What a JOY it was to carry my sparrow to church in my saddlebag!  
My traveler's notebook... yeah it  got to travel!  
This is the cover I made awhile back for a sermon notes insert.  
 The sermon was about our decisions in life and they showed
some movie clips so I sat in the dark taking my messy notes.
 Had to laugh later looking at them and then realizing that 
I had Beautiful Mess stamped on the front of the leather.  

After church we rode to Pizza Hut for lunch.
Oh my gosh, the buffet was so good!  
Another first:  Barbecue beef pizza!
If you haven't tried it... I encourage you! 
You must!!!
We then headed up in the mountains.
Out of the blue, the mirror 
fell off and broke on the road.
After that a lens fell off and broke too.  
That kind of makes ya stop and think "Hmmm... hope everything else 
holds together!"  
It did.  haha 
 We put almost 200 miles on.  
When we first got up in the mountains, it was kinda  cold wearing just a tshirt.
But the weather warmed through afternoon and it was plumb beautiful!  

We love riding up around Jasper.
Mount Judea has a special place in my heart too.  

 This little church was right off the side of the road.  
Wish we coulda looked around but the chiggers are still out.  
 We stopped to stretch and drink some water here and there.  
Both our cabooses were sore by the time we got home.  
We're talking about trying to get a different seat and see if that helps.  

 Today is the last day of August.  Hard to believe!
I have one more page to finish in the Listers gotta List Challenge.
This is the book I did mine in.  
Listing is one of the things I've come to enjoy so much!  
It doesn't take much time and it's a quick something creative to do every day.
I kind of like decorating my book ahead of time with pretty papers, then 
filling out my answers on the computer and printing those off and gluing them in.  
 This prompt is what are your favorite cliche's?   Have you ever heard anyone say,
Give me some more chicken?   It's a term down here when someone needs more rope, or more cord or whatever you are  handing them. lol  Isn't that  crazy lingo? Makes me laugh. 
 Some pages can get pretty gritty, and I love that.
This one I looked back to being sixteen.  
And also things I believe... 
I really love seeing where I've been ... 
and changes in my life and walk!    
 This prompt was My glorious imperfections.  
This little print was a painting I did one day and I'd been thinking
alot about our souls?  In some very dark days I experienced going through my bone graft surgeries
I was feeling really bad about myself.  Myguy would speak truth to me and he so often would say,
I love your soul... to the bone!  
  He kept showing me the love of Christ and kept speaking it 
into my very soul.  
Now, this print of the painting reminds me of this everytime I see it.  
In the listers book, I used a tip in with that soul painting picture on the outside
and then under that...  a picture of me, hot and sweaty .. no makeup ... 
the real deal.  Then I journaled some of my glorious imperfections on the library card.
I like doing hidden journaling that way, although sharing it here doesn't make it very hidden does it.  
One night Myguy read this list and he smiled real big and "nodded."  
I guess he agreed. lol  
Nothin like some sweet affirmation there huh?  
Last I share with you a page out of my hobonichi.  
If you like to record your journey... I would encourage you to think about doing a quick daily sketch. 
I just discovered doing this in the last year and seriously I look forward to it every single night.  
Yall know I'm not some gifted artist at all.... nadda... but you don't have to be to do this; I'm proof!
The whole idea is to just sketch something that stands out of your day.  If you love sketching maybe it's several things... or maybe just one and then write all around it.  It is so much fun and looking back ... you'll remember and it will just spark all these wonderful memories of what happened that day.  

Here I recorded my day of firsts. 
The hobonichi paper is really smooth and I love writing on it.  I've been using my fountain pen to do a quick sketch and use permanent ink in it.  Then I can use watercolors to fill it in.  Usually I do this while we're watching the news in bed.  

I found it kind of difficult ordering from the Hobonichi store in Japan but it was so worth it.  
I'll definitely get a new 2016 as well, just can't decide if it will be a "cousin" size as this is or go smaller?  

I need to get supper going!  
Myguy nearly cheered when I mentioned tator tot hotdish...can't disappoint the man now!

Thanks for spending your precious time at the shed.
Love. Leaon Mary


Denise said...

wow, awesome blessings.

rebecca said...

♥ you, Lea. I think you really sell yourself short when you say you're no artist! (Not sure what that makes ME! I can hardly draw a straight line. No kidding.) And I'm in awe of the special tools & journals you have, too. I'm SO out of the loop.

It's OK. (Not asking for sympathy here - just stating facts.) I continue to journal in the same old journal format I have journaled in for years and years. My style has evolved, but some things remain the same. And Some One never changes either...

Dining on Delicious said...

So happy for you and all your firsts!!! Were never too old for firsts, are we!! Sounds just perfect! I love that journal too!

Leaon Mary said...

Rebecca I love that you journal!!!!... and that you're style has stayed the same too! That's pretty cool! What I meant about myself not being a gifted artist is ... you know how some people are just born able to quickly sketch and paint?... that's just not me. I know God still breathed art into me but... in a different way; and I'm still learning what all that means and is becoming. It's exciting though and have been really enjoying this new thing!
Sue, I agree; never too old for firsts! In some ways it almost seems like the older we get the more we can appreciate them too. I think when my kids were still at home and all... my focus was so on them that I didn't appreciate my own firsts? It's exciting!

jean aicken said...

Lea, your Sunday sounded so cool...I love how you share your journey to church on the bike and reassurance from your guy. Again as always you are inspiring and I shall definitely try the idea of sketching something from my day to look back on. Yay!! Bless your dear heart.


Leaon Mary said...

Hi Jeanie! I'm so excited that you are gonna start sketching something of your days.... girl I think you will LOVE it, PLUS... you sketch really good too! Love the ones you've sent to me!!! xoxoxoxoxo Oh happy day! Love ya, L