Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Scripture Pictures In Art Journaling

Today I share a few scripture pictures that came to be
through my journaling. 

I'd recently watched a video in an art class on 
creating a kind of  wonky bird? 
I knew I wanted  to use the teachers 
shape and was running through my mind how I could 
use the supplies I had in my own stash.  
So I wouldn't forget all together I grabbed a sketch book and sitting down
to do my bible study; I quickly jotted it down writing the words:
inside the wings.
As I opened my lesson book "Inseparable"
to read chpt 5 ... those words
leaped off the page:
(I love when things like that happen!)
The lesson was completely awesome and 
was "soooo" for my "today."  
When finishing I could hardly wait to grab a brush
 this gal now lives in my journal.  
For awhile now  I've been grappling with some of the thoughts 
in my head.  
You know; thoughts that you'd rather 
not have?  The ones that can be unhealthy,
ungodly and downright ugly.  
No surprise that the word that keeps coming
to me is often about walking in the Spirit
and not my flesh.
Anyways, as always if any of these scripture pictures
speak to you as well; feel free to use them. 

 The prompt at Doc Life this week is about 
love, and layers.

 This is how mine started.
Gesso, spraying a stencil ...
and then I decided to use my clear gesso ontop of that.
It smeared.  The ink moved.
Oh well.  I discovered one swip of it on the brush would 
keep most of it in place.  
After that dried... more 
stuff was added

In the prompt it talked about 
when to stop 
or not to...
I stopped somewhere about here.
 This word came to me
so ... it's added for a new scripture picture.
And lastly I leave you with this one.
Have a beautiful day,
Love, Lea


Cora from Hidden Riches said...

Unfailing kindness and an everlasting love ---- can't get any better than that, can it??? I love how your thoughts and your heart spill out on the page into art, Lea. It's kinda like "show and tell" when we were kids. You not only tell us what's going on in your heart, you show us! I always look forward to MORE!!!!

Vickie said...

Just beautiful, Lea! I love how your mind is always focusing on the spiritual. I try to, too, but sometimes it strays and makes me think negative thoughts. How comforting is the word ''inseparable" when thinking about heavenly Father!

LOVE this Valentine page - just Gorge!

Anonymous said...

I always enjoy seeing your art work Lea...the colours you choose....drawing and painting what you are studying and are such an encourager.
Blessings and Joy.