Wednesday, February 25, 2015

A Few Things I Saw Yesterday

-- a good word in Hebrews...
and also my Lent study.

I saw the date on my phone reminding me ,, exactly 8 years earlier
was the very last time  I got to  hear  Momma
say she loved me... give me a kiss and just a few
short hours later;
 I watched her go see Jesus.    

I saw Trent; my techy geek son come and fix the printer
in a matter of  nanoseconds.

I saw snow on the Chevy,
and icicles hang from our shabby olde farmhouse.  
I saw coffee steam in a greenhouse,
and birds shuck sunflower seeds on a rusty cart.

I saw Miss Priss lay...
this cute little egg that will be whisked with two more
into  cuppycakes this afternoon.
I saw tracks everywhere,
corgis, aussie, birds, bunny and deer.
I saw tulips shiver and 

spent morning glories wave
in Winter's breeze.
I saw this guy at the door holding a bag
of Taco Bell at lunch.  
I saw birds wearing red jackets.  
(for  Jeanie)
I saw opportunity to share 
what we have.
I saw this bell ringer chase an Alpha 
right off the couch.  
And I saw this girl blend in like a

I'm thankful today for so many beautiful moments
that make  ordinary days


Anonymous said...

Hi Lea, Thank you for sharing your days. Those dates are still painful though aren't they. You are certainly having some cold shivery days. I never fail to be amazed at those little red cardinals, makes me smile. Lovely pics. How much has that puppy dog grown!!
Keep cozy and warm.

Paula said...

Aloha Lea,
What a gift your angel momma left you! So many blessings in your life. Jean, I will not be able to look at our red cardinals here on kauai without thinking of you!!! Blessings to you my friends

Dee said...

I love seeing through your eyes and heart... sigh :)