Thursday, January 8, 2015

Two Bucks and a Can of Flat Black

There are two prints; ... no three that I keep my eye open for 
at the local thrift shops.
One is this one.  
Soon as I spotted it; I made this
mad dash around a rack of clothes.  
The frame is actually plastic but the print was
in pretty good shape except for being partially unattached.
I asked the man running the register how much he wanted for it-
He examined it carefully and I could tell 
he "appreciated" it too.  
Before he answered a price, I reminded him
lol ... that you know it "IS" all coming apart
and frame... is plastic.  
"How bout two bucks, he asked."
-- sold.  

I carefully sat it on the passenger seat in my jeep for the happy ride home.  
The only paint we had in our shop was gloss.  
I knew I hated the frame the way it was, but would even more

 So a quick run to the nearest Dollar General and
I was in business.  
Flat black!  

 I first carried it to the mechanic shop and Trent reminded me 
Dad doesn't like anything painted in here when we're running the reddi heater.
Good point.  
:)  lol  
 I'm pretty sure as cold as it was out  in the shed,
quality control would give me a thumbs down... but oh well.
You do what you gotta do.
Was a little worried when that middle part looked as goofy as it did but 
I decided if it still looked like that dry, I'd go back over that part with a brush of 
something... (yeah even turquoise crossed  my mind- barbaric huh?
I left it  out  in the freeeezin cold a couple hours but I 
 brought the print inside for safe keeping.
Grace .. on top of lace...
and some vintage wallpaper and contact paper too.  
 Two bucks and a can of flat black later...
and wala...
It turned out better than I hoped.
It still needs a couple little staples or four or six- on the back 
for good measure. 
Myguy said he'd help me with that. 
Hope he has a plan coz I'm not sure how to staple a tiny 
staple into a thin plastic ridge. 
He told me he  loves the picture and  thinks his Grampa and Grandma 
had one hanging in their house too.  

Well that's all for today... I have to head out to the shop for awhile so the 
guys can make it to an appt.  
 I leave you with this washtub full of pansies.
It was 9 degrees here last night...
and they didn't seem mind one bit! 
Pansies are not a pansy! 
Well unless it's hot out; 
I guess we all have our thing.

Have a great day,


sweetvintageofmine said...

Oh, I love it Lea~~~the black flat paint is beautiful with the print. Us "girls" will do whatever it takes when it needs to be done now! (been there too! lol) Blessings~~~Roxie

sweetvintageofmine said...

Also, your blog title would make a great country song....just sayin'...Roxie

Lea said...

Roxie you're one of the queens of DIY and upcycling and repurposing! After seeing you in your teaparty dress... I keep picturing you remodeling the cottage in a cute daydress, and pearls!! Could be because I have one of your very own vintage purses!! I think of you whenever I see something vintage/sassycute!

sweetvintageofmine said...

Geez, thanks! You just keep that thought that I am remodeling in that dress and! I still have some cute vintage purses I carry though.....I'm so happy you loved yours!

Lea said...

I'll treasure it always!

jean aicken said...

Amazing what a coat of paint can do Lea! It is a lovely picture and you have restored it so well. We were down to 4degrees last night so my basket of cyclamen are not playing anymore. I wouldn't either if I was swinging about in a hanging basket in this weather lol. Have a great day and stay cosy. Jx

Trace4J said...

Love love that old picture.
Im always on the look out for it.
Especially after passing it up one day.
I love winter but boy am I seed dreaming already.
Keeping my eyes on HIM
Woolie Love
P.s oh my stars purple jars!

Rebecca said...

♥ it. Now you've got me curious about what the OTHER 2 prints are!

Debra said...

I LOVE how it turned out, Lea!

Lea said...

Lol ... Rebecca the other two prints are the Good shepherd, and one other that I've only seen once and don't know the name.. but it was an antique print of the nativity I saw at a flea market. I've kicked myself black and blue for not getting it!

Cora from Hidden Riches said...

That's one of my favorite paintings, too. Just love that guy. And I think he is everybody's grandpa. Loved what you did with the frame! I think I'm a pansy, though. I'm in Florida and I'm all bundled up in thermal shirts and sweatshirts and still shivering. HooRahh to those pansies for their bravery in this weather!

Sheila White said...

My Mom has that print hanging in her dining room at the summer place. It is always a reminder of my Dad & remembering to give thanks. He bought that little acre with a doublewide on it as a place for his kids to get away. He would be pleased to know we still go up there to LaPine Oregon. Not just us kids but his grandkids & great grandkids too! Thanks Dad for thinking into our futures! Thanks Debbie for sharing your treasure find! Have a wonder~filled week! ♡@☆

Sheila White said...

Lea! Will I ever get your name right? Guess it is time to call my sister in law Debbie....since she keeps comin upbin my subconscience! Forgive me please Lea! ♡@☆