Saturday, January 10, 2015

Art Journaling and Scripture Picture

 This afternoon I worked on the second week of documented Life.  
The prompts were: gesso,
and a quote that says:
"The Beginning is always today,"
by Mary Shelley,  

It's pretty amazing the things you learn as you go.
Like: When I  began preparing my journal I added tip ins for 
almost every page so I'd have something to start with for each week.
It seems so often I just can't keep up with everything so a head start
seemed like a good idea at the time.  But I'm finding the thickness of my book
is only gonna keep growing obviously because of all the layers of papers.  So for the 
weeks I don't seem to need them, I decided to just cut them back out.  Part of the
time I'll still be able to use them; and if it doesn't look good... I'll just snip it out.
I wondered if I'd have to re-washi tape the edges; but ... it was fine and 
you can hardly tell...-- so I left it just snipped off.  
So the pink tip in on the right... gone~.  
 After I got the layers done with paints and papers; 
I tried out this new stitching stamp sent by my dear friend.  
It looks so real I couldn't believe it.  That's how I stitch too.. all jagged like that.  
It's now my new favorite.  
The cross stitches to the right  are pen marks.  
Then I learned another valuable lesson.  
While I was stamping the arrow stamp on the right-- I pushed
really hard to get a good print and the sticky on the acrylic block
"stuck" to my book.  I just about didn't get it off!  
Woops.  It tore a lot when I finally got it apart. 
 .... So that's where the  journaling paper went.

 This is week 2 finished except for
a little more journaling on the left side.
It's been awhile since I shared a scripture picture, 
so I share this verse with you from Romans.
"And we know that all things
work together for good
to those who 
To those who are the called
according to His purpose.
Romans 8:28


Sue Neitzel said...

What kind of book do you use, it looks to hold up pretty well with all that paint? I just love the art you create, it's amazing!!!

Cora from Hidden Riches said...

I just love what you've done so far, Lea. You are off and running head on into this new year. And I love that zig zag stitching stamp, too!!!! Sorry about the block sticking on your page. Didn't know it would do that. I'll have to be careful when I use mine. But you saw it all from a new perspective and who would know from the finished page??? Great job! And your verse? Such a great verse to grab and tuck into your heart and mind for a new year. When we REALLY believe it, we are more than conquerers!

Anonymous said...

Love your rainbow colours Lea. Stitch stamps are so realistic. Thank you for sharing scripture and your artwork. Stay warm and enjoy a creative day. Blessings.

Attic Clutter said...

Happy New Year to u too Lea..
Love the artwork and the encouraging words on it are having so much fun ..yea !!