Thursday, October 2, 2014

In This Heart....

The alarm went off earlier than usual today.  
A half hour earlier for me than Myguy so I'd have time in the Word.
The perfect start of the day ... bringing the Light, more heart and honestly vs 8;.....  well after listening 
to the news in the last week... I just needed it so badly.  
Everything going on in Israel, the beheading in Moore Oklahoma, 
Ebola in Texas, the murdered realtor from Little Rock... -- 
I could go on... 
It's all so heavy.. 
We are hard pressed on every side, yet not crushed; we are perplexed, but not in despair; 
persecuted, but not forsaken; struck down, but 
not destroyed---

I know that no matter what the headlines scream
that Jesus reigns and 
He is in control.  

I didn't have time to do anything in my journal bible but I know these verses... 
I need to go back to.  

-- Anyways, after chores were done we made a quick trip to Fort Smith to get a 
drive shaft rebuilt.  There was a two hour wait and so Myguy asked if I wanted to 
go to Michaels.  
(The man knows me so well.)  
Do I want to go to Michaels?  
That's like, "Do you want a cup of sweet creamy coffee to go with that gigantic cinnamon roll?" 
YES.... Yes please!
So Myguy drops me off for a delicious hour and a half at Michaels 
while he went to A to Z Tools.  
It's really probably a good thing we don't have either one of those stores
very near us... 

Our weatherman was calling for severe storms to hit after lunch.
The clouds were getting pretty ugly on our drive home but 
nothing  happened til this evening.  
It was actually a beautiful day.

Looking out at one point I saw this:

Gracie  lays so still she kinda freaks me out sometimes.  
I walked to the gate and took this  closeup:
The little girl in me really wants to sneak up on her and 
jump on her back.  
But the old lady in me 
decides not to.  

 The donks had to come investigate what I was doing at the gate and woke her.  
-- But before getting up she had to scratch her back a few times.
"Roll roll roll your boat...."
She's only five months along but sure looks further.  
Sure couldn't be all that  sweet feed? 

 Heading to the barn to gather eggs 
I've discovered the Cuckoo Marans 
have started laying.  
They really do look like milk chocolate.  

All 6 of the chicklets are still alive.
They can walk right through the wire in their pen
but if anything goes near them they make a mad dash 
back to Momma.  

Taking a spin around the pasture I saw something
hanging from this tree.
A falling nest!   
 It went home with me.  
 So did one of Hezekiah's smaller feathers.  
He sure has been losing alot of them lately- even his big feathers.  
Between all the chickens, guineas and Ole Hezekiah
our yard gets littered with them. 

 Here I found a featherbone  near the garden.
So thin and wispy. 
Carting them inside the greenhouse my desk gets littered 

 During the day, I keep the door open on the greenhouse because it still gets
so hot in there.  Unfortunately the grasshoppers have been finding their way in and 
munching on the plants.  
Young Charlotte here has made her web off the side of the wash tubs.  
--Not a big fan of spiders but this little lady sure made a beautiful zigzag stitch.  
 I caught one of the grasshoppers and thought about tossing it in her web- 
Instead I held it and remembered Grampa Vickers.   
He's the one who taught me how to hold them.
"Hold it tight Leaonie, it won't bite ya."  
 He told me the brown stuff coming out of it's mouth was just 
tobacco juice.
I'm so glad he took the time to teach me to be brave and hold 
grasshoppers and that I learned how to put a nightcrawler on a hook
and take my own fish off.  
How to catch a crawdad and  to use the meat in it's tail 
to catch perch.  
These were important things to pass down
to make  life more colorful.  
Little treasures.

 Before the rain hit ...
and believe me; a storm was brewing-
I decided to gather.

Toting old jars, baskets, and a bucket,
I snipped these giant cockscomb and 
love lies bleeding.  
I hope I didn't wait too long because the seeds were
falling out all over the place.  

 More  zinnias were gathered too as well as 
another mess of four oclock seed.  
Lots of seed to plant and share.  

No sooner did I finish things up and the wind started to blow.
Can't wait to check the rain gauge to see how much we got but it rained pretty hard.  
A lovely shower to end the day.

It's late and time to hit the hay. 
Sweet dreams dear friends,
Until we meet again.
ps.  I leave you with a scripture picture.
(more heart)


Anonymous said...

Feeling the heaviness of the news over the world and the evil that is out there...I am thankful that we have a Saviour. Good to be able to come visit. Dear Gracie having a rest and those little chicks playing close to mum. We are having a blustery day too and the leaves are making orange and red carpets across the paths. Thank you for sharing your day. Blessings. Jx

Debra said...

Oh dear friend-this was just the post I Needed this morning-for so many reasons!!!!Thank you dear one! And God bless you richly, may His FACE shine upon you.....

Cora from Hidden Riches said...

I'm with Debra ---- I REALLY needed to catch up on your posts and this one was special today. Your verse at the beginning really was meant for me, Lea. Just to know that the Lord will not send me more than I can handle ---- that will carry me for a long time. Yes, I might be weighed down, etc., but never broken.

Michael's?????? That's right up there with Heaven, isn't it???? I'm SURE there is a Michael's in Heaven and everything will be free!!!!!

Trace4J said...

Oh my..
Another wonderful post.
Heavy to happy when our eyes are on Him.
Love the new babies.
Woolie Blessings

P.s my turkey is 2 his name is Ebeneeezer!! I love to watch him run :)

Rebecca said...