Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Fall Cleaning And Derby Date Night

When your mind won't turn off;  might as well get up with your Roo
and just muck out the barn.  
Stop up your ears with budfuls of  loud praise and worship music and 

 rake load after load of poopy ole hay. 
Whistling out "Ten Thousand Reasons... "
with the whole barnyard.
Then grab the hose and knock out all the spiderwebs and dust.
With water running off the rafters...   
Before you know it...
even the heart can get a refreshing.

I think last time I wrote; we had a health 
screening through Myguy's work the next morning.  
We both were in our healthy ranges for the most part 
but my cholesterol was still jacked up.  Yeah Myguy beat me again.
It bugs me too coz I eat so much healthier than he does.  
I don't get it?  The nurse told me it must be my genes.  
When we left we were both so thirsty and he was starvin coz we had to fast.  
So we pulled into a fast food joint  where he "loves" to get breakfast and 
this is the sign.
Try our mile high bacon thickburger. 
no thankyou
very much. 
(It does sound quite wonderful though.) 
with cheese and extra pickles.  

Later that night we drove to NW Arkansas 
and went to the demolition derby.  
It was a fun night.

 Love when they play the national anthem and
at both derbys in the last week... the announcer prayed first!  
(pretty awesome)
 It was a serious night of crashing into eachother.  
It really made even me want to get in a vehicle and just go 
crunch it into another one. 
Myguy... well he had that goofy look in his eyes.  
He gets it when he races too.  
It's a sickness I'm tellin ya and 
both our sons have it too when they're drag racing.  
They didn't get it from me.  

 Except I maybe could do this just once ...   "To Wandaaaaaah!"  
The winner of this derby won ten thousand dollars.
Could you even imagine? 

 Shhhh don't tell the people at the health screening that 
we ordered a fat plate of bad grease.
With extra sugar on top please.   
A little oinkfest  served up on a paper plate.

 We also ate at Applebees and I have to include a pic of this shrub we parked by.
Does anyone know what it is?  I have GOT to find out and plant some.
Never have I smelled such a beautiful fragrance.  It was seriously intoxicating. 
Kinda wanted to rub some on me and put some in my purse and in the  glovebox.  
Yeah that good!    

 Still workin on more Fall Cleaning.  
Even got out the pruning shears and cut the moonflower off 
to the ground.  It was still flowering like crazy but
the leaves were lookin kinda shabby and was growing right into the greenhouse.  
It hurt to cut it down; it did.  
But I'm glad it's gone.  
 Seeds were falling off all over too!
Won't have to buy any come Spring!
These tall cannas were cut down too and hopefully tomorrow
I can dig up the big roots.  They were right up against the windows and I couldn't
see the birdfeeders any more from the desk.  
So long cannas.  You need a new home.
Then I started taking all the old bottles down from the window ledges and 
washing them.  They were all full of feathers. 
It's still a teatotal disaster inside....

 Got about half of the windows washed 
as the sun was going down.  
 This is where the cannas were right back here.  
And see all the wisteria?  
I hope there will be blooms dangling all over the place
next May.  
Could be the year

I sign off tonight with another scripture picture.
When I came  home from getting groceries today I drove to 
the tracks and took this pic.  
The  verse is what  I got  mucking out the barn. 
Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying, "This is the way; walk in it."

Night friends,


sweetvintageofmine said...

Morning Lea, I love going on your adventures with you....from the barn to the race track! I had to smile when your commented about your guys numbers were better than yours....but eats most anything he wants...so does my Ken, they must come from the same "genes"! Getting the garden ready for winter is never easy but feels good....a new season is coming! Blessings for a wonderful week~~~Roxie

Sue Neitzel said...

Your lovely plant looks a little like jasmine? How I love your growing room, the warm glow is so inviting!!

Anonymous said...

You are a busy girl. Love all the pics. Lots of flowers to come in spring. Glad you had some time out with your sweetheart, and thank you for sharing scripture. God Bless

Cora from Hidden Riches said...

I'm with you, Lea, on the smashing of the cars!!! I'd LOVE to do it --- as long as someone else gave me the car to do it in!!! I can remember doing those bumper cars at the amusement park. I know that look in the eyes that you are talking about --- my brothers and sisters all got it and were out to kill when we all got in those bumper cars.

I'd take one of those mile high burgers AND the funnel cake! Worry about the consequences later.

Sounds like you had a productive day cleaning out the poopy hay and washing windows, whistling, cutting, chopping. Bet you are one tired lady! And I loved your verse with the tracks. It is definitely true that when we get "off track," we can end up in very bad places!!!!