Friday, September 19, 2014

Friday Random Gratitudes

A Few Random Blessings today:

I'm thankful for this moment 
that I got to wake up  "today." 
That these jiggly arms lifted me from bed
and my feet; they carry me.  
I'm thankful for overall good health-
and that my family is healthy too.
Sometimes I take it all so for granted- until it's gone.  

I'm thankful  for 
 family and friends. 
To have people to journey alongside.   
For  souls to love and 
who love me back. 
These ones who really care and share 
even the deep mess of things.
Real love like this;
unconditional and grace-giving 
and receiving.  

For this olde roof over our head.
That even though it still leaks when it rains...
it shelters and gives  Myguy, me,
Addie and Francoise a 
 place to "be," 

 I'm thankful to discover so many new seeds
to save. Sometimes I look out and think the garden...?
... It's dying.  But really it's bringing more life. 
zinnias, marigolds, and  many more.  
So many seeds to gather, and save 
for Spring.
 I'm thankful for all the nature  around me.
That I get to watch  and catch catfish, bass and perch here in the pond, 
To see the deer twins jump out of their briar home, and one  crazy  bullfrog who chooses to live in the garden and
bathes right in a bucket. 

For the monarchs on zinnias 
and  caterpillars munching in fennel, 

For heavy sunflowers 
and the slowing down of Indian Summer.
To see time... 
ticking out seasons 
...well spent.

For a turkey
who trots
with a limp.  

 For a daughter in love who 
celebrated another  "birth" day.
I give thanks.  

For hearing "Gramma Lea!!"
by two bouncing grands
as I walked out of the dentist office.

 For a good report 
and to have another mammygrammy 
over with for another year.  
For a special friend who points 
me always the right way to go.  
and pulling big girl panties up
into the next uncertain steps.  
 For last night's trip to Paris with Myguy 
That while even though we blew a head gasket in the big 
 Diesel work truck;
 -Old Buck the farmtruck with holes in his floorboards was ready and waiting-
 hauling  yet another one in. 

For a  friend who wrote while we were enroute;
testifying that they  held hands in a circle at her work  and 
gave the day to God. 
Inspirations like this one 
encourages my heart. 

 For a son who loves the Lord and his stepping out in faith
to marry  friends tomorrow night.
 For cooler weather and rain and 
the beautiful sounds of thunderstorms.
For frito chili pie,  and 
apple cobbler bubbling in the oven.  
 For a book with more "heart" 
and the friend who sent it to me.  
 For the little wren (I believe ) who warned me 
 a snake was in my path this morning.  

 For one last  sweet treat 
from my Mil and Fil.  
(my very favorite)  
Mmmm hello scrumptious sweet nouget.

 and  for my  sweet heart and his many many  acts of love. 
Even after a long days work.  
 I loved watching him 
play with my featherweight after I messed the tension up good, and how  fascinated 
he was appreciating old  gears from back in the 50's. 
He even oiled it all for me.  
 And for this special olde furbaby...
Always faithful,
Where I go
she goes.  

Thank you Lord for all these things and 
so much more!
Thank you for 
my every thing!!

And there are also many other things that Jesus did, which if they were written one by one, I suppose that even the world itself could not contain the booksthat would be written. Amen.
John 21:25  


Cora from Hidden Riches said...

There's something about a list like that that just warms the cockles of my heart!!!! They are soothing to read, make my own heart thankful for all the things I tend to take for granted, and I go away feeling like I got a glimpse of a friend's big ole drippy heart!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your gratitudes Lea. Always a blessing to read and lift us up to another day. It is an sunny day here and the colours are amazing.
Joy and Blessings