Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Heap Of A Mess- Porch Lift

Upon waking; the first thing that entered my mind was:
Egads: the porch!! 
While the Keurig made that first cup of Black Silk,
I couldn't help but open the kitchen door and step onto the freshly painted
porch floor barefoot.  Its still a little tacky feeling.  
Looking around panic sets in because there's still alot left  to do and 
we have friends coming out for the Fourth of July.  
I'll admit it  was hard to close the door and take my cup of coffee to the table
and do my Children of the day study this morning.  
My mind kept trying to have a run away 
adding more things on a growing  to do list.  
Thankfully; ... the stickynotes were pushed aside, and 
first things were made first.  
Loving that study by the way- !!  

Back to the porch thing:
So this end of our farmhouse has lots of olde rotted boards.
We wish we could fix everything... but you gotta draw a line... and just do what you can.
So for another little fix up... Myguy ripped out the worst of the boards on the porch floor
and tore out the bottom step.  
While he did that I started scraping the old gummy paint.  It wasn't even cool like
chippy painty peely that I love?  Nope; most of it was more like ..fruit rollups.
A couple of boards -still in bad shape had to get left but sometimes ... you just gotta do  what you can do right?

I have a picture of inspiration that I printed and was going to show here but 
decided against it.  I don't  want to steal someones photo and not give credit.
The photo was a share on facebook but it's a picture of a porch with colors that just 
make me ooh and ahh all over the place.  One of the colors I loved was of their floor and it is in the same color
family as a greenish turquoise desk I have out in the greenhouse.   Our trip to Lowes' 
Sunday afternoon, was a haul of new boards, pickets, and paint.  Oh Myguy also bought
deck screws and drill bits and when we got home they weren't in our truck.  We forgot the
bag at the checkout and calling up there, ... they checked and couldn't find them.  Uggggh.  
Lowes is a long ways from us so then we had to drive the opposite way and go to Atwoods and
prayed they'd have what we needed.  They did but "kaching$$$$" - you really hate to buy supplies twice.  :(   Anyways, Myguy got busy cutting new boards and the next day I started painting.   

This is how it looks so far, except... I also painted the screen door the same dark green color as the shutters.
Myguy built a step there in front of the door coz it was a BIG step otherwise to get in our house and several  people have had trouble pulling themselves in.  
-- So we still lack the railing which is going to be "picket fencing" and I also painted the  little bench in the top photo... a deep red that will set on the left side of the door. (Thanks Char for trying to help me long distance!)
  -At the moment ...I just don't know yet... We'll see if we can get it to all come together...and  if it doesn't ... I guess I'll just keep painting!  (big eyeballs here) 
Guess I better get busy for now.  
We're  burnin daylight!

Stay tuned for part two or three or four...

P.S.  Oh I have one more thing to share:
Finally... finally... finished the "Redeemed" wall
ADDING a black n white photo of my Dad and I...
and the dragonfly Tony made for me!  
Each member of our family is right there.  



Patty Sumner said...

Lea, I love the color of the porch floor.. it is amazaing what paint can do for something...I understand having to do one thing at a time...the outside of ours is a mess.. we need to completely redo our siding... it is not real wood but some type of pressed wood..SO, it iwll have to wait.. Your home is looking great.. The CHildren of the day..is that the new Beth Moore Study.. You must tell me more..Have a great one.. Blessings!

sweetvintageofmine said...

Evening Lea, I see you painted your porch that gorgeous shade of "Lea Blue"! I love it!! Is it more of a turquoise color? Soooo Preetty girl! I enjoy seeing your Sweet home and gardens~~~Blessings~~Roxie

jean aicken said...

Hi Lea, I love the colour of the porch - there is a porch on the cover of my Country Living mag this month and it's so cool. Can't wait to see part II. Thank you for sharing. I guess it will be a big celebration for you all on Friday. I'll be thinking about you. Enjoy your day. Joy and Blessings.

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

Oh, you know you won my heart with that color, it's so calming and pretty! Just another happy place! We live a hour from the nearest Lowes, so I get your frustration but it all came together, just like it always does!

Trace4J said...

Love visiting you my friend.
I love paint too.
Makes everything new.
I was stuck in a bit of a rut for awhile.
And God reminded me of our fav words.
I was working in the garden and was reminded I needed to give Him more if I want to grow and be closer to Him.
And He is always always there.
Woolie Hugs to you my dear woolie Friend :)
You are a blessing to me

Sunnyside Up said...

Lovin your porch! I know that it is going to look FAB once you get all the "accessories" on it! :) You always have that magic touch! Cant wait to see the finished product! Glad I could help!! lol
I am SO enjoying our summer bible study twogether! Children of the Day is awesome!!
Have a HAPPY 4th of July with your family and friend!
Luh ya chickie!

Dee said...

What a grand color for the porch...and your redeemed wall looks nice.