Thursday, July 11, 2013

New Things

When you feel stuck it can be  hard to write... and I've felt really stuck lately. 
But just this morning while studying in the word and reading through a  booklet a friend sent about righteousness... this scripture picture came to be.  A family of bluejays left their nest in the pecan tree this week, and as I read the verse above; this photo  came to mind.

Anyone else been stuck lately?
I've been stuck because I've been dwelling more on my feelings and some circumstances  more than focusing on God first.  Funny too because  Deuteronomy 6:5 always reminds me to put God first... and love Him first with my everything.  Yet ... sometimes  my focus can go  inward and all around ... more.  Hard to admit; but it's true.  Thank God His mercies are new every day... and He can redeem anything.   Even a shabby olde heart... and even olde blogs  too. 

No wonder we're told to take up our cross daily and follow after Him.
Coz sometimes gals like me forget a little and follow one day but then  let the very heart or mind get  distracted by self, other people and messes the next. Anyone relate???? 

(About the photo... Mother Jay had 4 little ones. It was so much fun watching them grow and take that leap of faith

 I gotta run to town today.  Our baby boy's turning 27 tomorrow; and six days after that;  our oldest baby boy turns 29!  --So this  ole Mommabird  has some shoppin to do!  They  jumped out of our nest years ago but ... they'll always be my babies.
Have a great day everyone!


Anonymous said...

Bless your heart Lea, thank you for sharing this scripture verse. I love the picture too. I pray you have a blessed day. Happy birthday wishes to your boys. I guess you are going to be a busy mum with two birthdays. Sending BIG HUGS to you and all the family. Jeanie xxx

Mecky said...

HI Girl!
I so understand being stuck!
Bless you!
Your birdie picture is sweet.

Happy Birthday to your boys. A special day for them but an even more special day for us Mothers!!

Have a wonderful evening.

Cora from Hidden Riches said...

Isa. 43:19 says, I will do a new thing. . . and see, it is springing up inside you. . . Sometimes we get focused on the old and forget to trust Him with what is coming. . . the NEW thing. Just as spring brings new growth, baby blue jays, flowers and little colts, so He longs to do a new thing WITHIN us. Isn't it great when an "old" verse becomes new to us and we grab it in our fists and run home with it just as a child would with a bouquet of wild flowers!!!! Birthdays. . . isn't it great to shower those we love with our joy!!!! Enjoy both birthdays, Lea! And have a piece of cake for ME!!!!

Denise said...

hope both your sons enjoy their birthdays.

Trace4J said...

Especially when I make things in my head so much bigger than HIM.
When I try to carry the load and figure it all out myself.
While mowing I could almost HIM say hey I AM ALL YOU NEED.
I am carrying it for you...
Thankful to be a daughter of a KING!
Woolie HUGS

Debra said...

Oh what a beautiful post, dear! Yes-it's just wonderful that He can redeem everything in us and about us.....Restoring...that's what I need every morning.
Much, much love to you and your beautiful shabby heart!

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

Oh Lea, were all stuck at times, I think it's one of those life challenges that will either change or charge you! Happy birthday to the boys!!

Grammyof13 said...

Haven't visited you in awhile. So glad I stopped by today. I understand your feelings about where we've placed our focus. I find that to be true for me as well. Husband sick since August last year, and feeling confined which is not my nature. Keep up the good work of encouraging folks like me to try again in a dry spell. Happy birthday to your sons.


Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) said...

♥ fondly ~lynne~

Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) said...

♥ fondly ~lynne~

Sunnyside Up said...

Lea...ohhhh how I can SO relate! We do let the world get our focus instead of GIVING our Heavenly Father our whole focus! "Things" do come in and trip us up but aren't you glad that when we come to senses :) He' s right there with open arms welcoming us back!! I'm so glad that His mercies are NEW every morning!
Keep pushing forward...picking up that cross!
I'm cheering you on, my friend!
Happy Happy Birthday to the Star boys!! It's hard to believe that they grew up so fast?!
Have a WONDERFUL weekend celebrating!
Love you more!

sweetvintageofmine said...

Words well is sooo easy to get distracted...we all have been there! Happy Birthday to your boys! (they're still our little boys)! Blessings~~~Roxie

Dee said...

I have been stuck too...I just came unstuck. I was looking on your side bar and got a giggle out of your blue flower pot. :)