Thursday, March 14, 2013

Scripture Pictures and Garden Day Inspirations

 Hi everyone,
I know I'm  a tad late posting a scripture picture this week.  -
While walking to the pond to feed the catfish yesterday, I stopped to take a photo of the sweetheart
tree in the back pasture.  At the time... I didn't know it would become today's photo.  Reading the word this morning; this scripture seemed to leap right  off the page and fit  into this picture. 

 It's warming up here... at least this week it is.  
Yesterday was my first day to start working in the garden to prepare for Spring planting.
The grass keeps getting so tall in this little square.  Usually in Fall, I like to till the soil under.
But with the drought; the ground was so hard and it was just too hot and dry.  
So I left it.  Grass and weeds are now growing in the rows and I've just been mowing them.
Its always abit of a daunting task to take all the fencing wires off all the posts for a good clean up, but last night I started and got alot done.  Hopefully today; it will all be done.  
I really want to get out the tiller... but alls I can think of is the poor toads I'll no doubt unearth.  I hate that!  I like toads alot!  And it's way too early to wake them up.  Although I did see a lizard on a rock yesterday sunning himself.  A ladybug, butterfly, and bee too.  What joy to see new life!

I worked in the garden til I could no longer see what I was doing last night.
Glancing uP.... I noticed

 My friend Sue of Country Pleasures sent this beautiful solar cross to me last year and 
it sets beneath the rail of the outdoor prayer closet.  
The cross.  
....It's been on my mind so much these days.
- I Found myself putting down my wire cutters and
walked inside....

 It'd been awhile since I sat on the bench in the little outdoor prayer closet. 
Too long.. again.
The kitty followed me in and jumped right in my lap while I sat awhile...
She purred...and I prayed.  

Later that night,
the cross and garden day went into a journal page
....and another scripture picture too. 
You just never know who or what God may use to speak to your heart.

 I give thanks today for the LORD is good...
and His mercy endures forever!


peggy lydem said...

How nice to turn my computer on and see your post. Totally love the solar cross and I never saw one before. We still have snow so the garden tilling is quite far away.
Have a blessed week

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

You always seem to find the right words to go with your amazing shots! Love ya chickie, you shine!!

Rebecca said...

The Lord IS good! An outdoor prayer closet is a great idea - I can't wait until it warms up a bit more the sun WAS out. It was wonderful.

Dee said...

I just love your blog....I truly do. :)

Denise said...

Love you sweet sis.

Cora from Hidden Riches said...

There are so many beautiful verses hidden away in those Old Testament books, aren't there? Yours made me think of that one about the song where the trees "clap their hands". My sycamore tree has some really stubborn leaves hanging on the ends, and when the winds blow, it makes me think that they are clapping their hands. Childish, I know!!!!!!! And I LOVE that cross!!!! Now I'm going to look for one. Such a great post, Lea. I love your heart so much! And it oozes out all over your journal. Thank you for sharing that!

Anonymous said...

A lovely post Lea. I thought of Isaiah 55:12 and also the song like Cora. Thank you for sharing these blessings.

Jeanie xx