Monday, March 25, 2013

Freezing Keesters, Grands and Flea Finds

We're sorta fffffrrrreeeezing our keesters off!
  It's supposed to drop to  26ish tonight again.  
Yesterday  I carried inside; every pot
I could and forgot all about the new little arborvitae thingys in pots 
beneath the red tip Photinias.  Least I stuck them under there
to protect them from the wind we've been havin.  Outta sight
and outta mind though coz once again the light bulb went off 
in the middle of the night... OHHH NOOOO!  - The little potted piney things!
I feel bad but couldn't drag myself out of the nest to go fetch em.  
They looked okay today but I bet they're happy to be hanging out in the house til this 
cold snap is over. 

Well; Saturday I watched two of the munchkins.
Carter's does this Army crawl all over the house now.  
He's so fast too.  
After Christmas, when I put all the decorations away; Alyssa 
came over one day and asked where "that natibity was?"  
I had already put it away up in the closet thinking I'd just bring it out for the  Grands during the holidays.
--Well; how can you NOT go get the natibity when someone wants to play
with Jesus and that tooth fairy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!/ (angel).

Carter likes it too.  
He plays with Jesus alot!

 He had a thing for Poppa Mikes ole hat too.

 The honeybear had to do art as usual.
She's a hoot I'm tellin ya.  I couldn't see something - but 
she could!  She opened her eyes real big and told me she can see REAL good
coz she has CRAAAAAAAAAZY eyes!!!!!!!!!!!!!  lolol  
Oh dear.  The things they say.*

-I think it was that same morning at our shop, a customer hauled a vehicle in 
on a trailer.  Trent said he went out to look at it and when he lifted the hood,
a cat was sitting on top of the motor and had ridden miles and miles down the highway like that.
It freaked out when it saw Trent and ran away.
Trent looked at the customer who brought the vehicle here for his son...
Trent goes... "Um... well do ya think you can catch it?"  
lolol  (I bust a gut here)  -- the man looks shocked at Trents suggestion and is like,
"I didn't know my son HAD a cat."  Trent was just thinking they'd be sure enough missin their cat
ya know?   Mhmmmm... 
Well, it found our back deck... 
That evening when I looked out the window....

 This is what I saw.  
Isn't she adorable?  I say she... but I don't know for sure.  She just looks like a sweet lil thing to me.
But she's either scared to death still or is totally wild coz  she just takes off running when I open the door.  I filled the dish and later saw her back up there eating.  And look who has taken her 
under his wing....

Isn't that sweet?  
I showed em to Myguy... through the blinds and you KNOW how he's not real crazy  about us having
CATS anyhow...(even though I see him petting them and talkin to them sometimes)   but anyways
I told him,
"Her name's 
grin- (Named for "Paper Alice" Cora.  ;)  
Myguy goes... "OOOOh... is that right?"  
I know it seems bad coz it looks like we have 3 cats out here now- 
But when our son buys a house - supposedly 
he and his girlfriend are taking the two cats that are actually here.  
So Alice would technically be an only cat.  Saying it like that
is much more manageable... right??
Although we're actually kinda feedin a couple other travelin toms and one 
huge possum every night too. 
When I say huge possum... I mean
he's a biggin!

Okay enough about critters... 
How about planting some junk?

This book got me all fired up and diggin around 
all my junque to see what I can plant in this year.  (did I spell that right Frannie?)
This could be the year to plant the 48 chevy pickup,
and wringer washing machine.  The zephyr stove, and maybe a dresser too.
Waiting for warm weather is the hardest part.  

So far I haven't seen any more new bamboo shoots 
and if we don't see any in the next month... we'll probably have the backhoe 
dude dig us a new hole to plant our goldfish pond again.  
Not having puddle ducks or a bamboo takeover anymore ... I think we're ready for the challenge
to try that all over again.  I think it will be a pleasureable experience
without that evil running bamboo and goldfish killin puddleducks don't you?  

 Couldn't remember if I showed ya or not but this was the lastest bottle I found 
for the bottle  tree.  We found it and the insulators somewhere between here and Montana.  
I was hoping the insulators would fit on t posts but they're too little.  I loved the color of the one on the right though.  I'll have to plant them somewhere special?
 Rocks too.  
Love adding rocks to my flowerbeds-
they're free, interesting and beautiful.  
Plus wherever you pick them up ... they bring a story right along with them
to your flower garden.  
This one has  sparkly micca in it. 

 After church Sunday; Myguy wanted to stop at a flea market where he buys these little 
disc thingys he uses alot  to get gaskets off.  So one flea turned into another that had
this unsual cubby.  It was SO cheap I bout flipped.  Right on the tag  it said it  came out of an old
barbershop. Another story!! I haven't cleaned it up at all yet but it kinda screams potting shed/greenhouse don't ya think?

 Think I know right where it will go.  
Might need one shelf towards the top though...

 This is a project I'm not sure what to do with yet?  You can't tell from the photo but the thing is 
huge.  It's very tall and I just loved  the idea of using it in my craft room somehow to paint and draw on with a cute tall stool.  It needs painted on top... but I like the brown slatted sides.  Robins egg blue/turq on top maybe?  I don't know.  We got this several years ago downtown Clarksville during Bargains Galore on 64.  I think it came out of the olde Peden Building maybe - so its  an old industrial piece.  
It's set  inside an old outbuilding here  ever since we got it.  It's dark in there and I call it the dungeon.  No one goes in there but ... skunks and theres even a rat that actually lives in there.  "Templeton."  ha   Anyways, about a month ago I kept thinking about it so I drug it out one day and cleaned and cleaned on it.  My craft room is chockfull but that's where I wanted it.  It's too big n heavy for me to lift and load and all so Myguy offers to help right?  We loaded it in the back of the 66 and unloaded it heavin and hoeing up to the door... and of all things  it wouldn't fit into the house!   Myguy then took the door off the house.... and it still wouldn't fit!  Then he took the trim pieces off the side and we just barely got it in there.    Once in my craft room... I started moving stuff out of there into the living room trying to figure out where it's gonna go... and my hearts just sinkin ... Myguy's  hanging around trying to help me... and I already "know." see.*    It's too dadgum big.  I mean I HATED IT IN THERE!  It looked like an elephant.  After all that hard work... oh I hated tellin him!  I look at him... and then I could tell he already knew too what I was fixin to say.  He so graciously  helped  me carry it back outside... and put the door back on the house and then haul the thing up on the covered porch til I could  figure out what I wanted to do with it ... and yep... still there!~  
-After settin it on the porch... and trying to imagine it with a painted top and cool stool-
I kinda dream of warm summer days just sittin right there... with it lookin out toward the shabby 
olde potting shed and garden with bees buzzin and butterflies flutterin from  zinnia to squash blossom to cosmos posies. Hummingbirds darting here and there...  Plenty of room on top for a glass of sweet tea, my bible,  art journal, a blue fruit jar
full of water and paintbrush and a kitty named Alice purring in the rockin chair. -- so who knows?  Maybe it just needs a little paint and some sealer to protect it from the elements and just enjoy it
right there for as long as it will hold together? 

One other project is waiting for the sun to shine and days to warm up.
This beautiful old writing desk was given to me from my friend Cindi.
She dropped it off one day and said it had belonged to her Grandmother years ago.  
Someone had cut the top off and away like that for her daughter in her little wheelchair
to beable to have the table top around her.  Cindi said she didnt have room to keep it anymore and she
visits my blog now and then and knew I like to upcycle things.  It means so much to me that she gave it to me!  Looking at Pinterest I think it's going to become a potters type of bench.  I want to use
scrappy boards and lay them lengthwise on top and paint it up maybe to match the barbershop cubby 
up above.  Then I want to make a back for it... using an olde door, and hang some cool stuff off the back of it.  It's gonna be my next project.

I better get off here!
So what are you workin on these days?!!


Denise said...

You always make me smile, thanks.

Debra said...

Oh Cool post! I love all your finds-and the story of your lovin' husband-and yes-I have had that happen too-out goes something that you Thought would be so cool in your house-but, nope! What a sweetie though, to actually take off the door!!!!!
I would love to see pictures of your huge Possum-does he have a name? And the sweet kittie-amazing story of her riding on the engine...your home is full of excitement!
Love you!

Cora from Hidden Riches said...

I'm just so jealous!!!!!! So many beautiful pieces, Lea! I wouldn't know what to do with them either, but I'd sure want them! And Alice. . . .!!!! I'm sure Paper Alice would be so honored to have a kitty who is so pretty named after her. She just knew where that car was going, didn't she????
Hope you warm up soon, Lea! The same cold air you got there hit us this morning. I 'bout froze my bejeebers off waiting for Buster to do his business.

Mecky said...

That is a great cabinet!! It is also so sweet of your friend to share the desk. I know you will make it shine!!

I am so ready for warmer weather and I am just about to scream. I am not being very patient. We are to warm up some today but right now, I am still chilled!

I am ready to get to some much needed chores outside. I need to do some clean up and planting. Then get to some projects. I have so many that I have wanted to get to but now I am seriously thinking of giving up on some and selling them. Why be overwhelmed?

Enjoy the new kitty. That poor thing riding back in the truck. He/She will have stories to tell his/her grandkitties, right?

Have a wonderful Easter

Attic Clutter said...

love the kids- the cats the banner- the pic of you (profile) you look so thin (:) yeah huh?
the flea market finds- love the faucets as knobs so cute...
....the bird on my umbrella (:) well I take my broom.. if they come into the tree above the umbrella and hit it on the metal gutters LOL..seems to make them fly (:) I love birds ..really I do just not the messy stuff.. its not like there aren't a zillion tree around our neighborhood (:)..hugs..p

Dee said...

I got totally and happily lost in your post today. I got a tear hearing about the poor kitty but got a smile seeing it was being befriended by another kitty friend. so sweet. :)I love all your busyness thinking and preparing and gathering things for your garden. Your grands are beautiful and like you I get joy of the the way they see and explain things. I am not working on anything...apartment living limits me but I am looking forward to putting my patio together and sitting out.

Auntie Bliss said...

That green cabinet ..the first flea find you showed is wonderful!

That baby Carter is so cute :)
I'll bet you are getting lots of snorgles under his neck!
I'm happy for that kitty because I have some missing ones...I like to think somebody is babying them.

Rebecca said...

Your latest (and not so late) finds just get my creative juices a-going, Lea. I sure would like to just come sit in your craft room. It sounds like My Kind of Place!