Wednesday, October 10, 2012

With My Everything- I wanna Love Like that.... Scripture Picture

Funny how things have this way of going round and round sometimes.  Like a life verse that just keeps coming back .  -Reminding again and again who to love first... and Who's teaching me to love  more and more.

A few days ago I wrote in my journal what you can probably make out  in the background of today's scripture picture.  The next day I covered everything I'd written in gesso, and washes of paint.  Colors that made me think... and see.  Keeping an art journal is like recording the deepest  places of my  heart in layers of my every little day.  Usually the messes of my life ... disappointments, heartaches, and  many ways I screw up are confessed, and then covered with something prettier and colorful.  Like Redemption!

Sunday morning we woke up and drove across town to a church we've  been to before but are actually NOT  members of.  It's big and we really dont' know hardly anyone there, and once inside the sanctuary found seats on the back row.  We sat down and were looking at the bulletin talking between ourselves and next thing I know this woman was standing behind my husband and starts rubbing his back.  As in; giving him a back rub with both hands*   Our eyes flashed to eachother and Myguy glances behind him and looks at the woman then looks back at me like ... "...I do NOT know this woman who is rubbin my back!"  I felt my heart rate jolt a little and then I just giggled and looked at her and said,.... "Well he's never gonna want to leave now."  (I know why did I say that? lololol )  She proceeded... I don't know how long- the seconds seemed like forever.    Then ... next thing I know... I was getting me this really great  back rub too!   Yep... she went to rubbin the cares right outta  my back as well!  I took a big breath and let it out... and then she stopped.  I thanked her ... and she just nodded and then went to her seat without sayin a word.   Oh yes way Jose; she sure did!
I look at Myguy... and we didn't know what to say?  I mean what can ya say after that???? 
And the music started  and so we praised the LORD. 

One of the songs I wish I could remember.  Why didn't I write it down?  But I remember hearing the word EVERYTHING in it... and that's when my tears started.  It was this beautiful song... of worship... of following Him and giving Him my everything.  Pure ... beautiful worship.  Heart to heart... giving Him my all. ....................................................  sweet worship.

Then  message and sermon was on The "giving" of Jesus.  Most of the scriptures were from John 14 and 15.  Okay I gotta run find my notes.  Seems like there's something I'm forgetting that I'm sposed to share.  Found em!

So much of it spoke to my shabby heart.  Myguy's too. 
Our eyes were opened more to giving like Jesus. It seemed to  all boil down to the love more thing.   That giving and loving  ..-- especially when it's not deserved.  It's a hard thing sometimes.  At least for me.  But I want to learn to model that.  Like Him.  And for Him.  Because I don't deserve it either. 

Loving others:  I think sometimes it's just stepping out in faith to do what He says.  Loving others in that way... when you don't always understand.  Like giving a back rub to a stranger maybe?  I don't know?...........
As we were walking out the doors, Myguy looked at me and said, "I think we got our feet washed today."  I nodded and agreed... "I think so!"  I told him that I looked at her a few times through the service, and afterwards had this desire to run to her and ... say thanks - better; .... because I know I got more than just a great back rub.    But I don't think I was supposed to.  It was a day to ... just receive.  We were strangers and loved on.  --Anyways. 
Holykisses xoxo


Cora from Hidden Riches said...

I really loved your journal page, Lea, and the fact that you shared it with us is so special. I understood what you went through in that church service. I've been there. Times you just don't understand what's happening, but somehow, you get it. And you never forget it. I loved your hubby's reaction about getting his feet washed. There's something about "receiving" that teaches us how to really give. Can't explain it, but I do know that those who know how to receive just seem to know how to really, really give. And that's being like Jesus, isn't it! I wanna be like that, too!

Dee said...

The Lord must have spoken to her to rub your backs....seems like it worked...strange...but then Gods ways are not our ways. :)

Trace4J said...

Oh Lea Friend
What goosebumps....
How awesome to be welcomed in such a way. I think the Lord saved those seats for you.
And welcomed you with open hearts and hands.
Blessings & Woolie Love

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing Lea, as always so inspiring. Hope you have a blessed day my friend.

Jeanie x

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

WOW! What a awesome Sunday and thank you for sharing that, sometimes we don't see things the way they were meant! You have a special way!

Debra said...

Yes and amen!
Love that you share with us what you recieved-it's like being there myself. I have to admit-I would probably be a little 'weirded out' by the back rub-but she must have been just being obedient, and it seemed to fit the message...

Lea said...

Thanks for the sweet comments dear friends. Must say we both were weirded out at first ... it WAS strange... but: isn't it something how the message to give like Jesus went right along with it? I just believe with all my heart that she really was being obedient to the Holy Spirit coz both Mike and I were on the same page walking out the door that yes indeed... we'd been loved on like Jesus the greatest giver of all.

Denise said...

So appreciate your sharing this my sweet friend. God is so good. I love you.

Paula said...

O.K. I am sitting in the back row at church this Sunday;-)
So thankful to the Lord for pouring into both your lives that way Lea. thank you for sharing! Love you! Pj