Monday, October 29, 2012

Gratitudes 48 A Few Random Blessings....

Sharing a few random joys......

A Bella Sunset


... so much pink fluffiness...
that moves on and on....
Confused azaleas....
Going two by two....
Roses in October......
Finding feathers
all wispy...
Thoughtfulness from my sweet daughter in love--
the square bottomed bottle
she found out thrifting.
And this message she wrote in chalk
on a cement pillar just outside
their new house. 
Her heart  for God

For being helpmeet
to ....

my dear husband.
And best friend.

...and for time with my
Strongheart and how he taught me
how to put o rings on injectors.
Right here with both of us
on the floor. 

The joy of more and more painting and watching the
clouds roll in.
How Brussel Sprouts kept  following me
 as I painted along. 
 Bunny love. 
Looking  closer... I smile.

I'm thankful for the duct tape that held
my favorite painting jeans yet another day~

And the joy I felt running across this olde picture this same week.
(-guess I've always been hard
on my britches.)
Seeing these patches...???...
definitely two

I'm thankful for
the joy watching Blaine discover
dipping apples slices into caramel. 
And witnessing:  
dipped "fingers"

are really better than
:)  -- such joy
That naptime was gift  too this week.
So much Saturday Joy.....
 And so much reminder to:
For country life just like this.
and this....
And even this....
Thank you Father.
Simple Blessings.
Thank you Lord for all these things
Thank you with my every


Rebecca said...

Oh, Lea! I love your country life!

Anonymous said...

Lea, Thank you for sharing these lovely photos. Blessings abound, time spent with family sharing everday tasks, bunnies and painting, sunsets and old pictures, wee grandbabies. I love that you found a photo of you, it is so sweet. Hope you have a beautiful day. God Bless

Jeanie xx

Denise said...

Sweet, sweet blessings, love you.

Dee said...

Your blessings make me want to move back to the country.

Lea said...

Thanks stopping by friends and sharing my JOYS.
I always count you in my blessings!

Anonymous said...

Loved this post and all your wonderful pictures! Take care, sweet friend!