Friday, July 20, 2012

Gratitudes 40

A few random blessings.....
--I'm thankful for our Strongheart...
and for celebrating his 28th birthday this week. 
(I would have shared a picture of Tony last week when we celebrated 
his 26th birthday but ...he was in the Bahamas!)  
--Our sons are our great gifts!

--I'm thankful for the rain shower we got last night!

--And so thankful our power came back on this morning.
I take electricity for granted, and don't think about it much... until it's gone.  

--I'm thankful for coffee.  The Keurig was the first thing I cranked up
when the power came back on.  ... never tasted sooooo good. 
(I admit;  I'm bad spoiled.)

-- for my  friend who came out Tuesday night and 
we chatted about our God, and all the things He's doing in our lives..
We also discussed our notes in the Stuck bible study.  
It was ...refreshing to my soul.  

-For steady work.
Just when we start to get all caught up around here, ...
the phone rings with more vehicles to haul in.  
Before we know it the parking lot is full once again.
Our  Lord always, always provides!!!

--For my friend and Mentor. 
Don't know what I'd do without her.
--For a very  long distance bearhug: 
Arkansas to Scotland.

--for a gift  of some country pleasure love 
all the way from Missouri!
(more about that in a later blogpost)

--For food from our garden.
Even though it's been so hot and dry. 
My plate overflows....
... so juicy!!
--For the moon and stars watermelons...
ready to be cut and shared.

-For finding the word...
at walmart!  
 He has Lea's heart!!
(Yeah, I brought both home with me)

-For visitors so bright and colorful...
all are gifts from above.

Thank you Lord for all these things...
Thankyou for my every thing. 

Holykisses xoxo


Trace4J said...

Beautiful thankful post Friend.
Happy Birthday to your sons.
What a beautiful bounty.
How awesome is a simple ole tomater sandwhich. love :)

Anonymous said...

What a lovely post Lea. Happy Birthday to your sons. Those strawberries look amazing and huge melons, wow. The wee yellow bird at the feeder is a cutey.
I love your new header too.

I am so thankful you have had some rain.
Sending hugs friend.


Attic Clutter said...

Bahamas oh good for him
I love all your thankfuls Lea..Made me start doing it my head(:)
Its so good for us..
Love the tomatoes they look delish ..what kind are they..
Thanks on my rock pot too (:) ..big hugs ...P

Paula said...

Wow you are the mater queen!! what a bumper crop.... Hmm I see chips and salsa, tomato salads, segtti sauce :-)
Happy Birthday Trent & Tony!!!
Let us know how those moon and stars taste :-)

Love Paula

Dee said...

Those tomatoes, OH my goodness...I can not wait till ours ripen.Happy Birthday to your son....they grow up to fast don't they?