Wednesday, June 6, 2012

It's You LORD Scripture Picture

We're so thankful we got a little rain this week.
Thank you Lord!
I came across verse 22  in the book of Jeremiah yesterday and it  fit 
with this rain drenched sunflower.  
...I've been trying to get photos of the sunflowers as soon as they 
bloom ...-- before the ground hog beats me to them. 

  Twice now; the live trap has been tripped.  
Then, it shoves the cage all over the place trying
to get the grapes out.  
The last time it was tripped, I retrieved the grapes and set the whole
cluster right where ground hog  comes and goes under the potting shed.
About an hour later I ran out to check... and they were still there.
But a little while later  the whole cluster disappeared.
 I'm guessing ... down the hatch they went. 
It kinda melted my heart.
And I haven't
reset the trap.  
(... yet.)

So far it hasn't given
 the zucchini a second glance.  -- Glad for that.
-And last night I put 9 more bags of grated zucchini  in the freezer 
and made the first two loaves of zuke bread of the season.

I keep reading  that ground hogs really love fruit? 
I hope this one thinks tomatoes  are vegetables and 
doesn't believe they're really fruit.   None of ours are ripe yet but... soon.
Most of all, this ground hog seems to crave morning glories. 
If only there was some reasoning with this fellow; I would ask him to please leave
at least a few. 

Have a great day everyone!
Holykisses xoxo


From the Heart said...

That little critter keeps you hopping.

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

Love this shot!!! Can you believe I still haven't gotten my sunflowers out yet, still time I hope? I love ground hogs, we have one that lives in the old barn out back and never bothers a thing, she just eats the grass and clover, bless her heart!! They are cute!!

Anonymous said...

Lea, as you know we don't have groundhogs in Scotland but I'm sure you could send him over in a crate whenever you finally manage to catch him. he he

Love Jeanie

Cora from Hidden Riches said...

I see you growing weaker and weaker --- pretty soon you'll be ordering from Edible Bouquets for one of those beautiful fruit arrangements!!!! Amazing about the grapes. Maybe some apples would work.

We have the most amazing farm near us, and they have 5 acres of giant sunflowers, and they have made a maze through it. Takes a while to figure your way through, but it's just beautiful!!!!

Love the color of your sunflower there!

Lea said...

Jeanie if you get a box with air holes... you'll know I caught him. haha
Oh Cora don't say it! Must admit I melted a little UNTIL this afternoon- --
I hope your Sunflowers grow well Sue..
Alice... you're right... sometimes hoppin mad. :)

Sunnyside Up said...

ThankYou Lord for rain on sunflowers & the gobbling ground hog that left THIS ONE alone!

lil stinker!