Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Scripture Picture Kisses

"Greet one another with an holy kiss."  
Greetings and Holykisses
 from me to thee.
 Our  hydrangeas are blooming more profusely
than ever this year.  So they are part of  today's scripture picture. 
 I love how they start out a shabby and creamy small bloom,
then turn a ...beautiful shade of blue, and then change again to lavender.  
  I look forward to watching their transformation  every season. -When dried;
the blossoms seem to hold color for a long time.  There are times I have 
 trouble trying to dry them though.  Like even now; they are 
browning outdoors.  I'm not sure if it's our lack of rain, or what? 

Well, I need to  keep this short tonight.
But I hope to see you again soon.



Sue@CountryPleasures said...

I just hang them upside down in a dry place, easy! LOVE your shot, very calming and peaceful!! No rain in sight, gonna on a month here! :(

Anonymous said...

Lea, those beautiful blooms such a gorgeous blue. Isn't God's rainbow of colours just perfect.
Sending Holy Kisses from a very sunny Scotland.


From the Heart said...


Cora from Hidden Riches said...

I just love your sign in that picture,Lea! Just perfect. I think hydrangeas are about my favorites --- up there with lilacs and wisteria -- all purples!!!! Hyrdangeas are thirsty buggers. If you ever cut the stems, they are like full straws. I do know that if there is dew at night and the damp blossoms stick to each other, they will get a little brown around the edges. I used to dry them with that powdery silica gel in the microwave. If the blossoms touched each other, the steam produced in the drying process would make them brown on the edges, too. Don't know what to do about dew.. .???? I also loved your other sign on your sidebar. Where can I get one of those??????

Debra said...

I love being a guest at The Shed.

Steve Finnell said...

you are invited to follow my blog

Sunnyside Up said...

I never knew that hydrangeas start out a CREAMY small bloom!! Well actually come to think about it..Ive never seen one bloom in real life! Maybe they dont grow in Texas?? I think we are too dry here too! BUT they are beautiful & I love the colors! Especially that shade of blue! ;)


Lea said...

Sue I'm gonna try hanging them upside down. I've done herbs and some wildflowers like that!! Jeanie thankyou for the Scottish holykisses!! Cora, I've never tried the silica gel but have read about it. Cora which sign do you like.. I'm making signs right now but if it's the forecast one.. I bought it on ebay. Hold off awhile.. coz I might make those as well and I'd love to make you one. Char, the hydrangea blossoms aren't exactly small ... but they start out smaller and then keep growing as the blooms change.
Holykisses to yall! L